?? America ??

"How fortunate for leaders, that the masses do not think." - Hitler

   What is going on these days actually it has not just suddenly occurred, it's been brewing for some time. We are like a frog placed in boiling hot water  it will jump out but turn the heat up slowly and it will set there and boil alive. Apparently I've spent most of 46 years of my life in a coma and sorta wish sometimes I could go back to sleep but then I look at my children and grand children and feel absolutely worthless. My forefathers risk their lives for this country, a country that was the greatest country on earth and one that I could have had if only I'd paid attention better to what is going on, what has been going on and what is coming unless things change. Now if this doesn't concern you by all means go back to sleep but when the real nightmares increase you have nobody but yourself to blame for being scared and lazy, I take my blame for myself. As an American I am honor bound to try and keep America, America the free, brave, bold and a light for the world to behold. Here is what I see. I will be filling these out as time allows. Blue underlined words have links to proof and detail about that word or statement.  

More to come later  There will be links to support all of this added. This is a work in writing and you can reproduce as long as it's in entirety.   

                 "When the people fear their government, there is Tyranny;
 when the government fears the people, there is Liberty."
 -- Thomas Jefferson