The thing I keep seeing in my mind is the "feeding stations" American Idol showed in Africa. If I read your post correctly there will be an attempt to rise up, defeated rather quickly then control? GunJ. I dunno but that would be the perfect time to depopulate but I think in addition they will use something bio, blame it on nature or God and the evils of man. You know the survivors would be grateful to their masters to be alive.

In a war you can only get by with so much killing and control so many but disease is very profitable and no one suspects anything. Kind of like cancer but it would be something much quicker. It's a win/win for the power that be. The pharm companies would make a killing and hold life in the palm of their hands with a badly needed drug to survive. To pacify people a charitable organization could emerge, false hope but hope none the less. Wait, we already have them but we can also have another. Those that have lost everything still will cling to life, especially since we've all been sold on longevity. The ones that materially haven't lost all will be in debt and fearful. George Carlin said it best with something like the Rich run the world. The Middle class do the work and the Poor are there to scare the shit out of the Middle class to keep them working. Those that are unwilling to give in just contaminate the land and future generations. (Already done see Beyond Treason).

Personally I think the depopulation has been started for a number of years. The food bought (other than real farmers) is pretty much poisoned. Farmers are being forced out and replaced with corporation farms. They are herding people into consolidated areas where a colds gets passed easily, imagine what else can be. Farmland is being divided and people are being sold that 3-5 acres means they are self sufficient, and it's not true. The farmland is lost. Monsanto, ConAgri and others have been screwing around with seeds and now terminator seeds so you can't save your seeds. GM will cross pollinate which most plants have been bred to particular environments. Plus with their seed they must have their herbicides, pesticides and or fertilizers that match requirements to the DNA of that seed or plant. Eventually it will be illegal to keep your own seeds. Food will be devout and already is in some cases of nutrition, much like what is used in Africa today. Convince people to stop eating meat and the few that do will by, as now, altered meats and dairy products (already in effect). 


   To get this accomplished which is already in progress you keep people occupied, excessive work hours, lack of nutrition for mental and physical operation, drugs, alcohol, TV, radio, collecting or typing on the net. For those not satisfied with that they will (and do) use religions even atheism which will keep people separate and either looking to God or science for rational explanation or blame. Weak, tired, confused, misinformed, separated, preoccupied people can not fight back and for those that do the rest can be consumed with doomsday thoughts. If there is no tomorrow why fight? No battle is ever successfully fought and won from head to head single front attacks. We should be able to see ourselves in at least one of these, I do. But that's just what I think.