The Dumbing and Numbing Of America

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
 -- George Santayana (18631952), U.S. philosopher, poet.


  Now over a long stretch we've looked at the events inspired by greed by corporations and media and conspiracy has not entered into this at all, just greed. Let's do a recap. Until the 80s you were taught that Americans were inferior at manufacturing that other countries when actually we're not but rather they are greedy. Now we find out we are incompetent at caring for ourselves or making choices. How does one pull it off? Media is sponsored by advertisers and so money talks and since most people watch TV, a lot of TV. Most people know more about TV than their own country, law or religion. We watch the news and actually believe it and think Matt Lauer is a reporter, I like Matt but he is a reader, not a reporter and an anchor which I don't know where that term comes from and actually there are no good reporters these days just parrots repeating what they've been told. Add to that we don't even have to think or access the information we just heard to form an opinion, they've kindly extended the news service and added channels to now do that for us. We get our news and the proper views they want us to have effortlessly.    

  Now some say have we become too smart and to that I say yes, some have like big business but overall in the average of the people no, Americans have become dumber and dumber almost to the point of wasted space and oxygen. The Internet is the last shot at truth and that is about to change despite all the disinformation sites up and dominating the search engines so that to get real honest facts one must either go to the links of an existing website or go through many many pages of search engine results to get the truth, Yahoo admitted not even wanting to include sites and Google wants you to place a code just to be found. We are also limited to what is here in the USA or the UK which are in about the same sinking boat. Now in TV land we have all kinds of shows to select from and while there is actually nothing on and most people admit that, there is always something "just for noise". We have game shows that we can participate in even just watching and how many people say stupid stuff like we won after watching a sports event which is hard to do setting on the couch. TV and Video Games are addictive in that there is no imagination involved in either just be there, no thought, just body. We aren't given different views so our minds are already made up for us. The radio of course is playing when the TV isn't. I promise you this, if you can do without both, don't read the newspaper for 2 weeks you will start weaning from this stuff, the noise is overrated. One thing just come to mind is why would people have a radio on a motorcycle, why would you do that? The whole part of the freedom of a bike is wind, silence other than the bike and wind, disconnection with the world and connection with yourself and your thoughts and the bike itself. If you need a radio, TV, etc on a bike you are in bad shape and if your car has a TV, especially if it's a hot rod, etc you are in bad shape.

  The general public now thinks they don't have enough sense or enough time to cook but some of this has turned around thanks to movies like "Supersize Me" but given the time we spend couching it we probably don't have time but a little incentive might be Monsanto, Merck and a few more and of course the hospitals, doctors, florists and morticians thank them and you as well. TV is meant for for only one thing, limited entertainment and never to be taken seriously and that includes the news, especially the news. When you research something anymore you almost have to go out of out of the USA, Canada, UK and Australia to get accurate news and truth and especially stay as far away as possible from our government agencies, remember the bribes, I mean donations. Here is a dead give away, ever noticed how certain cars are awarded best car but they all seem to be the best  by some panel because it's them rating themselves. Another one I fell for was web hosts, there are so many ratings up one the web and while the 1-10 changes the same ones are always listed in the Top 10 and there is a bunch so I thought that the one that was consistent in the top 10 of several ratings site must be good and was I ever wrong. Later on I was on a webmaster board and discovered that all these sites were either jointly owned or top positions were paid for. That is the same way our government works and research for anything here in America and it's perceived that if you get fooled it's your own fault. Then there is the cure thing if your researching health, legally nobody can advertise a cure for cancer and a host of other suppose to be not curable diseases, after all if your cured or disease is prevented where is the money in that?  

     I'm not saying all TV and radio is evil but just stop and look for a moment at people that watch several hours a week or a day and the same goes for video games. Trademarks of these people are obese, lazy, easily angered by individuals, hateful, ignorant in self thinking or deductive reasoning, compliant with the general mass of people in beliefs or rationales, non inventive and very dependant upon their fix, and easily led. TV entrances us and dulls our minds and during this state is open to suggestion. Probably where you work most are addicted as well and you feel isolated because you don't know the schedule or the actors or the sports people, they may even think you weird. You will see the mindless beliefs and lack of intervention when a decision has to be made, unless it's happened on TV. Let's look at an example of how that works. TV - Boy see girl - boy likes girl - girl doesn't like boy - boy keeps trying to get a date with girl - girl finally goes out with boy - girl likes boy after date - boy and girl live happily ever after. Real Life - Boys see girl - boy likes girl - girl doesn't like boy - boy keeps trying to get a date with girl - girl files stalking charge - boy gets arrested - boy has a relationship in jail. We are like many animals we see, if we see hate or hostility we develop into just that. What is considered normal is what is seen, true heard plays a part but visual usually overcomes verbal. Within 1 hour, less commercials, the whole world can be saved, terrible problems solved and all is well. Nobody runs out of toilet paper or money yet nobody seems to work either and they may straighten the house but never clean it. 
  There is a link to a great description on how the brain functions while watching TV on my site.              

As always it's just my opinion,

 Anthony Kimbrough