The Dumbing and Numbing Of America Part 2

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"People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their
 own destruction."
 -- James Baldwin

   Now for the second part, how to fool the people in large form, there has to be a mass deception but it is needed that our government turn it's head. That was not a problem as government officials had already discovered that bribes pay good money but bribes are illegal so if there was only another way...enter lobbying. A Lobby is where people meet and most of us is use to the term, innocent enough and so we will have Lobbyists which is a service job after all and the bribery monies they carry are now donations that they lobby with, everybody knows what a donation is. Now we have carriers of the monies, ie Lobbyiest into a Lobby that's not actually there giving Donations to these Representatives of the People. Even that term has changed now, they are called "Leaders" which gives them far more authority than they are suppose to have but again people will follow a Leader, not a Representative . 

   To fool a large amount of people though more is needed because one bad apple can spoil the bunch so money is spent on advertising. People are people and as such are gullible especially if they are honest hard working people that spend time creating and working rather than deception. Commercials were very effective in telling us how bad we needed something and how had the company works to make our lives better. These saints of Wall Street making more money than could be spent by the average worker have you in mind. First off the company loves you thing worked great when American workers were actually there so that's a good one. Then a profit disclosure or employee meetings where you tell a handful of employees how hard competition is and how low the profit margin is and maybe even cancel raises or have pay cuts but all the while the top dogs are not going to do that, they just forget to mention it. Now we need a few idiots designing things that don't work, employees scared enough to speed up and make errors, stress to try to get it perfect at the speed of light, bosses than haven't a clue how to do a job but scream over you or badger you and now you have a reason for American Quality to go down, all the while the upper end of management are still making as much if not more personal money than ever. So they move to another country and tell you they were in peril and they can't sell to the giant boas of retail without that decision. Hint, pretty much all pet supplies is made overseas, GM, Ford, Chrysler all have bought into foreign auto companies so like the Pharmaceutical companies that own most of the Vitamin companies they win either way and the only one that loses is the American worker.

   This was pretty hard to do and definitely time consuming and would not have been possible without the media support. Pre 70s you had only a few channels to watch but they do rely on advertising yet when I was young we had channels 2,6,10,13 and so a lot of times TV was a bad, I'm not sure if all was done everywhere or that was rural America. On or before 12 pm the TV stations signed off and I'm not sure when they came back on in the mornings because we didn't turn it on. Game shows and other shows competed for this limited time so people weren't actually into TV a lot. Most people were still into reading or radio which provided limited opportunities but business not that I was an avid reader I was a TV and movie junkie when I wasn't running around. I soon learned what a disgrace we were as a nation when it come to manufacturing things ... but of course it wasn't true. 

  Now there are hundreds of channels and most people know more about TV shows and stars than their own country or religion. We have reality shows which is not reality on about every topic and every weirdo out there to the point we feel good about ourselves and think we're normal. Here is my point, don't take a bath for a week, get sweaty and see how bad you smell and you will smell bad, but if you walk up to a week old road kill, guts and maggots wreaking with rot you don't smell as bad. The 80s were getting bad but within the next 20 years you've probably found out how sick you really are and there is a pill just for that, your probably depressed too but they've got you covered. Years ago we threw fits as consumers when the auto garage, mostly dealers would fix a problem loosen a nut so eventually you'd have problems down the road and come back. Now days that doesn't happen a lot but a lot of useless work is done. Watch or read the next drug ad or read the warning on your toothpaste, what the hell are we doing? We have allowed through the media drugs into the system that may mask a problem but create many more and naturally they do this for profit. What you see on TV of possible side effects are nothing compared to heath care provider books with all the side effects. But how bad is it? Each year 700,000 people are sent to the hospital from reactions to prescription drugs and  106,000 people died last year as a result of side effects and that's not counting what will come as a result later on. Again big profits for all but you and I. 

  Now chemical companies are getting into the picture perhaps due to profits dwindling from less farmers here in America and more people going organic they needed a light at the tunnel and how they jumped from chemicals to food I still don't understand but they did. Monsanto seems the pack leader but I wouldn't buy stock if I were you just yet. The Frankenstein foods they are creating will probably shorten your life anyway so you'll never reap the benefits but hey it cuts back on labor. One must wonder if they are not in with Pharmaceutical companies just like one doctor gets a referral fee if you get referred to another. How do they get away with it is very well thought, first lets remember "lobbyists" to our once "representative" now for the people that do actually read or do research we need to have it ordained so we need panels but why take a chance on getting actual results that may be unfavorable when you can insure your investment with your own. If you have to use an independent research team get some friends on it, while money can't buy friends it can rent them so just like instant tea, add your own. Of course it's better to have several so that possibility should be considered and if should someone come clean just remember you don't have to prove anything, just place a doubt as to the results. Really though Monsanto has done much for us here in America like nobody anywhere else will buy our beef, dairy, produce and poultry products because they have done actual real studies and basically their government does not want their people sick and or dieing from poisons in the food. That's ok it just means more food for us, more medicines for us, more advertising for media for us, less of us, more profits for them, more family farms selling out to corporate farms (only ones that uses their crap). But isn't that what we've been told is smart, Diversify. Apparently GE thinks so, not only do they make house appliances but they are also a hugh war industrial supplier but true diversity comes from their 1986 acquisition of NBC now that's doing it right, oh yea the radio stations they own. Now we get to the Dumbing of America part 3