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GMO speak out's needed
01-12-2012, 10:54 AM
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GMO speak out's needed
If you can help them out it is you and your family's best interest. So here is the email I got and it has the email to respond back to.

Dear Anthony,
The Food Policy Fund, the legislative arm of The Institute for Responsible Technology, is looking for volunteers who will attend speeches by presidential candidates in your area to ask “the” GMO question, and also have a friend videotape the candidate’s response (ideally, with a good camera, but also an I-phone or similar device will do). 

You can find on the presidential candidates’ websites the time and place when they will give a speech or be on a debate.
We would like you to ask the candidates:
"More than 90% of Americans say they want genetically modified foods labeled. If elected, would you support the wish of 9 out of 10 U.S. citizens to mandate the labeling of genetically modified foods?”
Please do let us know if you intend to follow up on this request.
You can then burn the video on DVD and mail it to
Jeffrey Smith, Executive Director
Institute for Responsible Technology
P.O.Box 469
Fairfield, IA 52556
Also, if you can, it would be very important to work in your political party’s platform a “plank” (or resolution) for mandatory labeling of GM foods. You can approach your party’s local office and find out how to proceed, since the process varies from state to state. The final decision on planks and the platform takes place at the party’s national convention.
Thank you for your help and support!
Please let us know if you can take action on one or both of these two items.
Warm Regards,

Margherita Pagni
Director Strategic Relationships
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