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10-03-2011, 09:24 AM
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RE: Elenin
(10-01-2011 01:36 PM)Anthony Wrote:  So the alignment does not have the effects that some speculated they would, a good thing. From the 26-30th dates no big earthquakes, at least major catastrophic ones. But during that time, on the 27th we had
5 major storms across the globe in the oceans.

According to the data from the USGS we had 21 earthquakes that ranged from 5.0-5.6 worldwide. 156 (+/- 2) in this time frame that were 2.5-4.5.

3 Volcanoes were elevated today (30th). I found it a bit odd that there are stories talking about the Canary Island volcano El Hierro odd Spain was not mentioned yet there are reputable sources that link to a USGS page that no longer is there. Still I have to wonder as I read, Scientists say this will happen. I think it may just be fear mongering.

I'm not sure what normal is , but those seem a bit excessive. And what I have to wonder is, if they fear monger on one thing then why they are downplaying Elenin? Normally our government will enjoy a diversion while they do under the table deals and pass bills that erode away freedom. It is not the comet that bothers me, it's the lies, the normal fear factor they apply to everything to keep us distracted. So why this comet? Do I think Niburu? No, I can't even spell it. End of the world? No, the Bible has it laid out pretty good. That part I think is about as real as the world ending on 12-21-2012.

Then I have to wonder. Is our life so bad that we want the world to end? Have we been kept in such a state of constant fear that we don't know how to act without it? Isn't there enough drama in life without creating more? The whole reason we're told that we are not guaranteed the next breath is not to fear dying, but to enjoy living.

Not sure if I mentioned the death toll on the Typhoons.
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