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Thoughts on 911
12-31-2011, 04:27 AM
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Thoughts on 911
I can't help but notice the hate 9/11 caused and if we were ever a Christian nation then surely it ended us on that day. It matters not who done it, why they done it, or how it was done... the end result was our falling away from God the Father and Jesus Christ. I have my own thoughts about the event, based on research I have done. It is of little matter though as the outcome is the same. I see, read, and hear many people claim Christianity as their faith, but only on their terms of what being a Christian is. I suppose the argument of interpretation is their argument but here is the thing. It is not our rules and perception but God the Father's rules and as Christians we are to follow Jesus Christ, that is what makes us Christian and not another religion. It is His rules and His perception, not ours.

The easiest thing is usually the wrong thing to do, that is why it is easy to do.
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