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03-05-2012, 02:35 PM
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Edom or Idumea (Hebrew: אֱדוֹם, Modern Edom Tiberian ʼĔḏôm ; "red"; Assyrian: Udumi; Syriac: ܐܕܘܡ; Greek: Ἰδουμαία, Idoumaía; Latin: Idumæa or Idumea) was a Semitic inhabited historical region of the Southern Levant located south of Judea and the Dead Sea. It is mentioned in biblical records as a 1st millennium BC Iron Age kingdom of Edom,[1] and in classical antiquity the cognate name Idumea was used to refer to a smaller area in the same region. The name Edom means "red" in Hebrew — the region's reddish sandstone may have given rise to its name.

The Bible and The Torah describe the Edomites as descendants of Esau the eldest son of the Jewish patriarch Isaac, although no written records of the time have been discovered that support this claim. In addition, the Edomites were believed to be of Nabatean rather than Hebrew origin.[2]
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