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    We have been on the Web since 1997 and been with different web hosting companies. We had usually rented web space and thought we had researched out the companies we were going with completely. Many of the sites that rate Hosting companies are paid or are owned either directly or indirectly by Hosting companies. There are only 2 sites that I have found that are actually impartial. Most small companies, farmers, organizations, car guys, clubs and families don't need that much space but maybe a couple of extra features that are only found with larger plans or unreliable hosts. 

   We rented enough space that we can host our many sites and can resell some space from a top notch company. We do not have any intention to go into hosting big time or be know as a hosting company. I know what I needed when we were starting and when we were growing bigger and what I could afford. 

   In an attempt to help out those who were in our needs and finances years ago I have created some packages that should fit most of the afore mentioned and give them a stable service. God knows nothing is worse than to awake to find out that the host has quit, lost your information or stays down more than up. Nobody should have to constantly rebuild their site or build it and nobody see it. Don't be fooled by cheap hosting companies like we were.

  That being said, if we see the need is more than the space we have we will increase and if not then that's ok to. It's here if you need it.    

Hosting Plans