About True Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef
  For centuries it has been said that "You are what you eat", but it goes a bit further than that. With GMO/GM/GE foods, pesticides, and herbicides now dominating the USA (note I did not say world), not only are you what you eat but also you are what you eat, ate. I am not sure just how strict the laws are as to what real Grass Raised Beef comes under, but there is a way to tell. True Grass Raised and Fed Beef will be extremely lean, which brings about a good flavor but also it brings about a different way to cook it. This is not the soft, fatty, meat in the stores. Man y farms that grass raise and feed their herd then "finish them off" in a barn or stable for 1-2 months with grains. This defeats the purpose, remember, you are what you eat ate.

  Cooking Hamburger: We make the patties then use Coconut Oil to cook them in. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good as well, just make sure it is a good quality and in glass. Coconut Oil though has no flavor so the meat flavor is maximized, plus Coconut Oil has many benefits. Here is a link to Dr Axe's site that speaks of Coconut Oil benefits. https://draxe.com/coconut-oil-uses  

Cooking Steaks: You will want to tenderize them first, QVC sells a nice hand held meat tenderizer we use. We usually marinate ours overnight, but watch what you marinate them with as you have a healthy piece of meat and could make it unhealthy fast.

Roasts: We usually slow cook our roasts with Potatoes and other vegetables. 

  We charge for the calf and your price includes us taking the calf to a Slaughter/Butcher House, Sellars Meats, to be killed and cut up. You may buy a whole calf or a half a calf from us, provided we have someone on the list that wants a half beef. We give you the phone number where you will discuss how you want the meat processed, cuts, thickness, per package, etc. You will pay them for the 'Kill Bill" and then the processing and package fee. You will also be responsible for picking up your meat at their Office. Once we are paid we submit your name to Terry and our hands are done with the transaction. He will give you a day and time to pick up the meat and you must pick it up at a mutually agreeable time. We do not pick up your meat as we have nowhere to adequately store it. Sometimes people have their own preference as to where to take the calf to in which case you are responsible to pick the calf up while we are loading that day. The price we charge is the same either way. Down payments are non refundable, so make sure you want to do this.  

It breaks down basically like this:
  1.   1-3 months prior we pre-sell the calves, at which time 1/2 down payment is required.
  2.  The week before we deliver the calves to Sellars we send for the balance of the payment for the calf.  (Unless you are picking it/them up).
  3. We give you contact information and also give them your contact information.
  4. You contact Sellars and give them the specs you want the meat processed by and discuss total price.
  5. You pick up at the Slaughter House (have some boxes to place packages in).
  6. You pay the Slaughter House what you owe them.

This will be the first time in many years we are going to once again try this. If it goes well we will continue this and if not we go back to selling them at a Livestock Barn where they will eventually end up being sold to the public, after chemicals and unhealthy feed is fed to them, making our beginning with them healthy totally voided. You have the right to good, nutrition food and good health as a God given right. No matter what you decide, we will continue to eat healthy meat. I have spent my time in the chemo chair and radiation table, so if you think this is too much or takes too much time, consider the alternative.