Health, Hunger & Homelessness In America

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Ready for some "shock and awe" on the home front? According to the National Mental Health Association, "on any given night, 1.2 million children are homeless" in the United States.
3.5 million deeply impoverished human beings forage in garbage dumpsters while heirs like the Waltons and the Mars hoard fortunes large enough to sustain hundreds of thousands of people.
Accomplishing a logic-defying feat, the wealthiest nation in the world has "attained" the highest rate of homelessness amongst developed countries. 3.5 million human beings experience homelessness each year in the United States. Almost a million are homeless every night (1).
In the most heavily militarized nation in the history of the human race, 30% of its homeless men are military veterans (2). What happened to "support the troops"? Obviously once military personnel return home, the slogan changes to "good riddance to bad rubbish".


This so-called "bum hunting" has resulted in the murder of at least one homeless person per month for the past 60 consecutive months. Accurate statistics are elusive at best (since few people notice when a homeless person "disappears"). However, the National Coalition for the Homeless determined that 500 of its lost souls have been victims of "bum hunting" since 1999. 180 of them met violent deaths as a result of this appalling blood sport in which the hunters stalk human prey (3). 

I will be typing in all lower case due to rotator cuff surgery. There is a Nazi group that formed the world trade organization after the leader of basf got out of prison after ww2 war crimes. from this they decided that they would no longer do chemicals for warfare but could better gain control of the population if they could use it in food. from this they created the who and a lot of commissions ie fish & fisheries, etc. together they made up over 4,000 rules concerning food. this was later adopted of course by the wto and if a country wants to belong to them they must accept them, now voluntary by 12-31-2009 it will be mandatory.  in 1994 this group declared minerals & nutrients to by classified as toxins. this will be accomplished with codex laws, vitamins like c, b a and more will be as illegal as heroine from codex own estimates 3 billion people will die from their plan, 1 billion from starvation. go to and sign the petition.