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Support Email. Please note that if you are asking information about scripts or the Angora Shopping Cart I have no ideal. I know the basics only. Rather than list 24/7 support and outsourcing it to God only knows where or supplying a phone number that nobody answers or actually has not a clue or care I don't. It's better to be up front and honest with you. I will help you as much as possible. 
Staff 3 of us, most of the time but we don't live up here. Most companies that you see up on the web aren't as big as they want you to think. Don't be deceived.
How long have you been doing this? On the web since 1997 but hosting this is the first time.
Why are you hosting?  We needed a reliable company and plan to host with for our sites and sites for family and friends. The reseller plan we have has way more room than we needed. 
So are you doing this as a favor?  Yes and No. Too many times I have had to rebuild this site in the past. I researched companies (I thought) only to find out that the reviews were bought. I have many friends that can benefit from the web if it's in their budget and dependable. This money also helps pay for our sites room we use. This is something many have asked me to do in the past.
Do you own your own servers? No. About 92% of all web hosting companies rent from a company that rents from a company that rents from a company and so forth. Even the server information can be easily masked to look like they own it. Templates that look far more professional than ours are free but we made our own because I don't want to look like we're something we're not. Other than name, color or the plan prices they all look alike for a reason. 
Up Time? Like about everybody else states 99.9% but I actually believe this time it's true. 
Why do you prefer PayPal? Our merchant company we use for Credit Cards charge a large percentage of the sale as where PayPal gets a percentage that is much less for smaller sales. Paypal is a secure way to do business on the web I have found over the years. 
What if you don't sell much space? I am not planning on selling a lot of space so it's ok. As I stated before this is just something we're offering but our web sites will stay up and as bad of service as I've had from other "hosts" it's worth what we're paying just for ours to be up and dependable. 
What about Termination? All that is needed is an email from you or call and it's done. As far as us terminating your account it will not happen unless you break one of the rules stated that we don't allow. If it is for non-payment you will have a few days to retrieve your data. 
Which Plan is Right for me? It depends upon how many pictures, picture size, picture format and information as well as how much email and traffic.  
Upgrades or Downsizing? It is as simple as asking for an upgrade and paying the difference or downsizing and getting the difference credited to your next bill. 
Payments? Our preference is PayPal or Money Order. You may pay for 1 month at a time or pay in advance, but the limit is Maximum limit in advance is 12 months.
If mailing mail to G&K, 1057 Leadmine Road, White Pine, TN. 37890 and state which plan you wish, you email, name, address, etc. You will need to mail out each month. We do not mail out statements.