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  Not all that is on these sites I agree with but these are sites I have learned from. Keep in mind that some of these sites are commercial and that means they're selling something that may be just as bad as the FDA does. I think they are much more informative than government sites and most are more truthful most of the time. I'm 45 now and over the years how many times have the FDA said this causes cancer, then reserved it, this is healthy, the reversed it. Just the today I saw on the Today Show now their saying Chocolate is good for your heart. Of course they also said later on in the show that more people were living longer and disease free here in America. I'm not the smartest but I'm also not the stupidest person out there, hopefully you won't either. I have for the last few years watched the news with skepticism of it being told accurately. If you have Cancer and you live 4 years and 364 days and you actually died of cancer they say they failed. If you make it an even 5 years and die 5 years and 1 day they say they succeeded. If in the process of current conventional treatment your Liver, Heart, Immune System (flu, pneumonia, etc), Kidneys go down and you die you are not considered a cancer failure but either inconclusive or successful cancer survivor...even if the treatment was the cause.   

This is being continued on the Health Board.
Foods & Chemicals 
MSG - Be surprised what it's in your eating.
Baby food manufacturers voluntarily removed MSG from their products decades ago after realizing just how damaging MSG is to the brains of infants and young children. So why is Frito-Lay still selling regular Doritos with MSG, and now "Natural" Doritos with yeast extract?
Grocery Warning 
Eastern Shore Sanctuary
& Education Center 
The truth behind food labels 
Ozone Another Layer of Food Safety 
A Quick Overview 
Organic Food Links 
Just What's in Those Natural Flavors Anyway...? 
Natural (and Unnatural) Food Glossary 
Dairy Products and  

USA Beef rejected 
Honest Food Guide 

Health Topics

Body pH - This is a commercial site but lots of information.
Hidden Cures
Cancer Therapies 
Free Radicals 
self-help alternative medicine 


There are a lot of things that can help and maybe even reverse many Cancers. There seems to be a whole host of them on breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells.
Common Man's Guide To Cancer
Ellagic Acid
Ellagic Acid


Essiac Tea

I use and believe. 
Green Tea 
Manchurian Tea 




A-Z Description
Herbal & Vitamin stores Online
 Rosha's Remedies
Dr's Trust  
Cancer Salves
Herbal Remedies
Herbs 4 Healing

Where I buy from and Recommend

 I get no kick back from these places nor am I affiliated with other than a customer. This is just where I do business with that I have been well satisfied with.
Juicers (Low price)
Cancer Therapies 
Medical Ozone Therapy
Oxygen Therapies 
Ozone Therapy - West London 
Ozone Therapy 
Caring Medical
& Rehabilitation Services
Cesium Therapy 
Cancer Cure Foundation 
Cancer Tutor 
Collection of cancer & disease information board 
ITL Cancer Clinic 
Mesothelioma Group
American Childhood Cancer Organization
Bird Flu 
Avian Influenza 
AI Truth 
Preventing the Bird Flu 
Confused About the Latest Noise About Bird Flu? 
Food Preservation
Grow Your Own Food
Gardening and food preservation tips
Food preservation
Keeping Food Safe
Ancient methods
Food Preservation in the Roman Empire
Food Preservation
Frequently Asked Canning Questions
Politics & Truth 
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
American Government
Mesothelioma Group
American Childhood Cancer Organization