Monsanto began in 1901, an American company now gone global. In 1982, Monsanto was the first to create a genetically modified plant, five years later, a patent was granted. Over the years Monsanto has purchased seed companies. Interestingly enough, they are two companies under the same name and merged with Pharmacia and Upjohn. Monsanto's product, rGBH, which has lately come under heavy attack as dairies and consumers avoid using the product. Terminator seed and the many lawsuits that Monsanto does against family farms have drawn even more attention giving Monsanto the name of  "World's Most Unethical and Harmful Investment". That is not accounting for Agent Orange, Aspartame, and DDT.

  In 1998, Monsanto began cornering the market for cotton in India. Using the  "Roundup Ready" crops, they not only corner the market on seeds and crops, but the crops are dependant upon their herbicides and pesticides. With the "Terminator Technology", a.k.a. "suicide seeds", known technically as V-GURTs (varietal Genetic Use Restriction Technologies) to the tune of 2007, 1.6 billion dollar sales, the company is losing ground. The suicide rate in India, attack on family farms, health issues, Mexican maize mischief, environmental pollution, global bulling, bribery, animal testing, South American Rain Forest devastation for Soy Beans, even their partnering with Fox for censorship isn't working anymore. Now they have even patented a pig. Some products are little know Monsanto products like Ambien Insomnia Medication.  

You see, you can not legally patent life or anything that naturally occurs, and therein lies the reason for so many cures for many of today's diseases as well as the reason for many of the diseases. With the current administration focused on environment, Donald Rumsfeld no longer in power, opposition by the people, oppositions of other countries, natural organic foods on the rise, lawsuits, and competition, I look for this horse to play out. There are a list of companies that will be effected. Find more investment advise at . Because we all have children and grandchildren.