My Treatment 

The odds have recently changed. If there are 2 or you in your family, 1 will contract Cancer. 

  I'm not saying this is for everybody but this is what I'm trying. Now my Cancer is CTCL which is a Lymphoma. I have little or no lymph node involvement as of yet. Show be stage 1B or 2A. Different cancers work different ways, all are basically the same but treatments should be different as to my understanding. If I build my T Cells, I build my cancer. If I don't, I catch colds easily and bacteria easier. 

  My map out plan. 1 - Stabilize condition. 2 - Detox system. 3 - Attack cancer cells.  4 - Rebuild Immune system. 

   Week 1 - 3-31-06 

  For the last week or better I started Graviola. 28 - 30 th I checked my pH levels. This will be done weekly now. It is barely within range. 6.5

  I started my Essiac Tea on 4-1-06. 3 oz per drink. 3 times per day. 

Grapes. Now started.  

Week 2 - Hit a slam Sunday, felt bad. Out of work 4-3-06. Fever, Stomach ache, head ache. Annie has the same and is not doing anything I am so it's probably just a virus. My eyebrows are growing back! My skin is trying to clear for the first time in years.   


 Laetrile (B17)    This is a natural thing in Apricots seeds, Wild Black Berry Seeds, Raspberry Seeds and more, yet it was made illegal to see in the USA. These I will start later.

Future stuff for rebuilding considered is Germanium , Coral Reef.

Week 3 - 4-17-06

 I continued my E-Tea until the first of this week. I ran out. My energy level is so so. I also reverted back to Dr Peppers away from the Grape juice. Last week was a kicker. Should have known something's up when the boss asked how my health was holding up? I suspect that UPS wants him to do some of the stuff being done. I did the previous week take 2 B-17 pills. 1 at night a 1 the next day. Felt some discomfort but seemed to make a difference. Also gave Rudy (mom & dad's dog) diagnosed with Lymphoma 1. He was terribly ill for a couple of days but the walked for the first time. My Left eyelid is almost cleared up now. My feet are manageable as are my legs and arms. It's still there and quite visible but the pain has decreased. Oddly enough my blood pressure is great. My hair I lost in the spot on the back of my head has hair growing back as does other parts like my legs and arms. I'm ordering a Juicer. I have cut back on the meat but still will not completely give it up. Found new links I'm adding tonight. I have ordered a Juicer. I still don't like vegetables so I'll just drink them. Although I may never get to use them I have planted several fruit trees. Rudy is back unable to walk again. 

   4-18 - Rudy has gotten worse. Dropping the Immune System down looked good at first but now it's not good. He is fading fast. Not sure if there's time to get him built back up. He is so weak. This changes my treatment plan for myself.   

  Rudy died shortly after writing this. 

8-2 -  Well the best laid plans of mice and men. The last posting I wrote of on 4-18 was pretty much the last week I wrote of it...and done it. I lasted for a while then stopped in the 5th month of 2006. Now I did do one thing, go on vacation. We went to the beach. The first couple to three days it burnt when I got into the water. We went the first week of June, shortly thereafter I completely cleared up. All but my feet still remain clear as of this writing and they are not bad. I can feel it coming back on my arms but this has been nice. Thanks to UPS I haven't continued my NBUVB. They manage to keep me out late enough each night in the heat. By the time I take a bath and eat, it's bedtime. The thing that I fear is that they will put oil rigs out there and destroy whatever can heal. Mentally I can see more reasons (selfishly) to let it run it's course than to attempt to stop it. One has only to look at the real world and the corruption and destruction to realize that those whose days are shortened are blessed.        


  Been too busy to write much, let alone research or actually implement anything. I have however maintained a few vitamins and supplements. A few weeks ago spots started coming back but they are small and few. Went for a check-up on 10-13-06 to Vanderbilt. Both doctors were no less than shocked at my progress, I should have had them stage me again. I believe I have reversed it somewhat. Of course if I'd quit smoking and drinking soft drinks I think it would complete the task. I have managed to avoid colds and I attribute that to Vitamin C.


 Just a thought through my mind. I have tried things that would not build my immunity, what if I built my immunity and free range radical attackers. My wife is starting to come around to this possibility that cures aren't done by conventional medicine for cancer. 


  After researching a bit further, my type doesn't work like other cancers. I am pretty much convinced now that it must be approached by other means. So I will try starving it out. Since mine is in my immune system (white cells) building my immunity will not work as I before figured out. What I'm doing now is working but losing a bit of ground on improvement. There are some similarities of all cancers. Uses a lot of Potassium, High Energy, Acidic Base, Free Radicals, Low Oxygen and distorted genes. Apparently no one pill can cure. No one cause in and of itself can cause it. It can be triggered just as mine was but my system had to be weak to not control it. A weak system appears apparent as I have watched the members of the list I belong to develop other cancers. For now I am still taking Omega 3 (4000-6000mg) per day. Flax Seed with Cod Liver Oil (2 capsules). Curcumin (1000 mg) for the cancer. Vitamin C 1000-2000 per day. I'm having a hard time with the Graviola (upset stomach) but am going back to Essiac Tea (homebrewed) and will try again. Slowly cutting back on bought foods and meats. I will do a gradual reduction and phase them out.            


Had a slight backset last week and it continues to worsen. I kind of expected it. Had bad angina last Monday and given the not so good part of my last blood work cholesterol through the roof it was decided I needed another heart cath and done it Wed. The heart cath turned out great. the recovery not so well, had a hard clotting back in the femoral artery. It broke loose and now, minus skin and bad soreness and bruising (groin area, leg) I'm fine. Out of work from last Monday until this Wed. I know work is pissed and dread it. Come to find out the Potassium level was low. I started supplements and not sure if the stress, meds or Potassium is causing the advance. Shame I can't single them out. Funny, it appears to be only left side. Wonder if the Stingray sting in right foot last summer has anything to do with right side staying clear?  Adding minerals, Graviola and amino acids to list. Will prepare and go back on E-Tea.   


Still out of work and this my 2nd week, worked 1 day last week. Complications after the heart cath on the right side. Pain has decreased but still rough. Was determined that a lot of blood went into muscle, under skin and pressure from the 2nd round of clotting artery off bruised and damaged some kind of cord effecting right testicular section. During this time found a film on Dr Bob Beck. Made one of the contraptions last night, Colloidal Silver Maker. Made some, drank it last night. This morning not as much flem coughed up. Feel a little better. I'm going to place this on my list of doing it.


Back on track now but still having a bit of trouble getting cleared. Flu bug everywhere, had a touch briefly but used 2-4,0000 mg of vit c and colloidal silver  and back on it. 


Beginning on getting back on track after losing a lot of ground from rotator cuff surgery which I expected to lose ground. Went pretty low by on my way back up. Forgot Vitamin C a few days and caught a cold but went back on and already diminishing the effects and duration. I suspected that a combination of stress (mostly from pain), pain killers and anesthesia advanced it, mostly the pain killers and anesthesia. This is week 3 and still occasionally use 1/2 5 mg Loratab, mostly at night if needed. Pain decreasing most days but occasionally breaks hard. 1st 7 days heavy on pain killers. After 7 days eating much of pain but taking only taking pain killer when needed.      

January 2007 -

 A recent trip for a check up at Vanderbilt caught me off guard. I had lost ground from a shoulder surgery and was just beginning to gain back. Rather than a quarterly visit they have changed to a semi annual visit. I'm writing the as of 3-27-07 so it's a recap. I started losing again in February as bursitis's set into the shoulder, maybe because Liberty Mutual cancelled my Physical Therapy or maybe not. My follow-up last month reveled that all was going sour in the shoulder. Again I got off schedule with my Vit C and got very sick as a flu passed around and I caught it. This time however UPS had illegally cancelled my personal insurance which was eventually reinstated. The stress from it was terrible, especially watching my wife catch it. We have savings but if the kids would have caught it there would not be enough so we suffered and finally beat it with 12,000 mg vit C, Colloidal Silver and VetRx

  Now as of this writing I have once again done myself in lacking Vit C so today I started with 2,ooo,mg x 3 this day plus Colloidal Silver in both drink and a humidifier. My wife got me an antibiotic but the Colloidal Silver has already got me back going. I've also come off my diet and it shows and tells. I go for an FCE test next month on my arm and that worries me. I have kept busy with real-estate and that gives me some sort of hope.         

April 2007

 Took the FCE today and done well until the end, failed on last test, not able to lift above chest. Cancer started advancing a few days ago and today is all over again, advanced rapidly. Fatigue and severe burning feeling, sore. I have been not taking anything, gained weight eating restaurant foods, pizza, cheeseburgers, etc. I suspect that a combination of Vit C, Curcumin, Flax Seed and Nattiokoese were all working together as a buffer along with Graviola. Actually broke down twice this week and done the NBUVB treatments. Most wide spread and painful it's been in a long time.