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  This is started 03-20-2006. If this is read prior to the date I will list below when I have decided it will have been found by accident. 

  July 1st, 2005 - Diagnosed with CTCL - MF. It is a non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. 1-B - 2A.  

  I used later that year a type of Chemo called Mustard Nitrogen. If this sounds familiar it is. It was developed under Hitler for use on enemies. The Geneva Convention ruled it inhumane even in warfare yet we use it on Cancer patients. After 7-8 weeks it backfired on me and I had to stop. Basically it was killing me. My Lymph Nodes swelled, body became inflamed and even as of this writing I still am fighting the aftermath. 

  I have been using with some success Triamcinolene Acetonide 0.1%. Now the places are increasing in intensity, duration, size and although they say it doesn't happen....pain. Fatigue is bad. Lymph Nodes is swelling in my right arm and possibly other places. Places appear that look and feel like I've been scalded. 

  After hearing the treatment options, some I am not able to do because of my heart disease, some I will not do. The only one I consider doing is the Narrow Band UVB. Side effect is Skin Cancer. We are still waiting on the insurance company's approval since there are no locally, even close enough to travel, they will need to buy one. 

  I joined the CTCL board and have made some really good friends there. I noticed that nothing negative can be posted there, only positive. It is heavily controlled. No mention of anything other than standard treatments that is not, has not and will not work. They also know how you should feel physically and anything less is not acceptable. Most only read as I usually do but seldom respond because I know it'll just get shot down and most others experience it as well. Either there are some Prozac overdoses or people posing to have that do not have it. The shame of it is the people who are actually hurting and fighting for their life. There are some great people there. 

  I started some research into other treatments. Maybe they work, maybe not but it's for sure that what we are offered isn't working. I have had more spread since the NM and that is a low dose type of chemo. I have enough pain and adding more isn't my ideal of how to fix, nor how to live. I'm not smart but if I walk into the woods and get lost, I have enough sense to know that after a few hours or days if I'm passing the same markers or getting in deeper I must be going the wrong way. Time to change directions. 

  That leaves a very pertinent question. Will seeking alternative untested cures, organic in a way cause my cancer to grow and I will die wasting my time? It is already quite evident that if I continue into the traditional medicines that I will die and a horrible death to boot. The same death I've seen several in my family & friends die. Add to that my affairs won't be in order, my wife and kids will be forced into poverty from conventional medicine.  

  Now this isn't a pessimistic view for those of us not happy doped to death, it's real and it's actually real to even the happy dopers that have it, they just don't realize it. Either drugged or brainwashed. I may got out in a battle but it will be a good one and nobody will get rich off it. Of course at most I will cure myself and keep my kids from getting it, at the least I will keep my kids from getting it. The only thing positive I now from this stuff is you know your dieing, many people don't that you pass on the road. They may die in an accident, never experiencing the beauties of what living offers each day by getting bogged in all the wrong petty stuff. Crap that seems so awfully important that actually don't amount to anything in the grand scheme of things. It is important to know that sometimes we get bogged down from the task of living that we forget to actually live. There is another benefit, there is no more fear, what're they going to do, kill you?   

  I am still studying which treatment to use since I can't afford to go to Mexico, actually I can but would rather wait. By the way, THANK YOU MEXICO, the real country that cares for people. When I look at countries suppressed for the truth one has to look no closer than right here in the USA. .Corporate America. On the web you will see me either update with success or failure. I'm the test rat and that is my civil right. 

  Now follow me as I try and decipher the truth. Some links will be provided below and some as they evolve will be found on other pages. Some I will be adding as it goes along. If you decide to go on this journey, be prepared! By the time this shit is over you will think your crazy or I am one. You'll question your own sanity as I do mine. The Truth is Stranger than Fiction! What if most of what you've been taught since birth was a LIE (for the younger) and most of what we've learned was a LIE (older). Each generation will be worse. As the older ones die, so does information. Movies will be boring and TV will be despised as you go along. My pastime (TV) has made me ignorant and passed time.    

  I'm adding this after the initial writing. On the Discussion Board your going to notice some pretty weird stuff. we have been conditioned, that is to say "trained" for sound bites, sound bites are just that, bites. That is to say pieces. I love outline forms and that is how I learn best, just give me the facts but what we have to ask is who's determining the facts and are they represented as just twisted versions of the truth. Who determines what is relevant but it gets even better, who determines what part of a paragraph is needed to convey a thought or sway a perspective or change a mind? Example: Politics. A man running for Congress was reported to take money from porn, and that was true. The next line should have been that when he saw where the money came from, he gave it back. We only received the he took money from porn lobbyists. You MUST WEAN YOURSELF from SOUND BITES, if you don't, you and or your loved ones will die. If your lucky you'll die ignorant, if not you'll die with regret. God how sometimes I wish I could go back to being stupid, life was so much simpler, people looked smarter and I wasn't responsible for what happens to me and my family.    


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Future Treatment -

  After I get the Cancer under control and on the run I will need to build back my T-Cells.  This is note to self

 Germanium-132 , Coral Calcium Plus.

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