North Myrtle Beach 2012


  We went there in June 2012 for a few nights on vacation. We didn't go to Myrtle Beach but I'm assuming it was the same. With Fukushima in the main limelight the BP Gulf Oil Spill has lost coverage. We noticed a lot of cars from Florida there which was a bit odd, since they have their own beaches, so I mentioned that in several places we shopped at. They said it was because the beaches in Florida, they were told, weren't trusted with the oil and chemicals from the Gulf oil spill. They said tourism from Florida had went up and indeed that was confirmed by reports I've seen on the web and on TV that not only Floridians were going there but many people were rather than visiting Florida Beaches. Now, I did notice something and maybe it's always been that way, but BP seems to dominate the area with stores. Personally we didn't stop at them.


  So we decided to take some pictures. The oil doesn't show up in the pictures like it does with the naked eye, but it shows pretty bad. Also, water foams up when dirty, and I know water on the beach foams when it hits the banks, but it dissipates... this didn't. Just how dirty is this water? My main question after this though. Why isn't this covered?

Oily Beaches
Oily Beach SC 2  
Oily SC Beach  
SC Oil beach  
Oily Sand in SC