Products we produce and sell from the Farm

Grass Fed
                Cows and Beef
We will be offering beef on the hoof starting Fall 2017 . All animals raised and produced here are done so in a natural setting.
  1. We use no chemicals on this farm.
  2. All Cattle are grass fed and in winter hay fed, free ranging.
  3. Calves only will be offered.
  4. Limited number available.
  5. Must pay 1/2 down to reserve.
How this works. We will set 2 dates that we sell sometime after the feeding of hay starts in the Fall.
We set dates to deliver the calves to a Slaughter House we use for our own beef, one that kills humanely.
(If you wish to use your own you must be on location with your trailer promptly on that date.) 

More Info on how this works CLICK HERE
Average price
 2.50 per lb
on hoof.

Black Bellied Barbados Sheep
Black Bellied Barbados Sheep.
  • Grass fed.
  • Weened lambs are the youngest offered. (We do not sell bottle lambs).

Prices start out as the lambs are small and go higher as they grow. Rams with large, full horns will be 175.00 each while all Ewes will start at 100.00 each. We set a date for a catch and you must be here with a means for transporting the sheep. We do not allow killing here, so you will be transporting a live sheep.  

50.00 - 175.00
per sheep.

Farm Fresh Eggs

  Farm Fresh Eggs.
  • Unwashed unless requested.
  • Limited number produced so call before you come.
  • 4.50 per dozen mixed colors.
  • 5.00 dozen all one color.
  • Bring a clean, usable egg carton and take .25 cents off.
4.50 per dozen
5.00 for special
Very limited are our Donkeys. We have the brown smaller version and the spotted we raise. These are raised with Sheep and are gentle but not halter broken. They free range with the other animals.
100.00 -
We hatch Chickens, Guineas, Ducks throughout the year. Call to check for availability.  (5.00 Day Old)
  •  Marans - French Copper, Copper, Buff, Cuckoo
  • Auranaca - The rare, true, Auracana, not the Americana or Easter Egg Layer.  (5.00 Day Old)
  • Mixed Chickens- (3.00 Day Old)
  • Ducks - Mallard, Pekin    (4.00 (Day Old)
  • Guinea Fowl - Assorted.   (4.00 Day Old)

All chick prices shown are 1-7 day old prices. Prices for adults, call for price and availability.  Please note, we do not sell adult hens only. Roosters sell individually but hens do not. 


We do occasionally have produce for sale. We grow only Heirloom Produce, nothing GMO, and do so with no chemicals. No herbicide or pesticide is used anywhere on the farm. Usually Green Beans and Tomatoes. 

Contact : 865-674-6318 or 423-231-0144. (Note, we are family owned and run so we have no Operators or dedicated phone staff or machines).

We ask that you be respectful when you arrive and that you call ahead to confirm we are here and make an appointment to stop in.
Please also leave your pets at home and that kids behave while here.