I don't usually write on religion in part because that is a sensitive subject that even my wife and I have a hard time discussing as we are the same denomination technically yet different as day and night mostly due to changes made by the leaders of the churches. I have learned from other religions and found flaws in my denomination and I see what many do, not that I'm perfect but what is done in the name of God is appalling and scary not to mention the mindless following of evil people. I since say I am a Christian without a denomination being claimed due to within 20 years how much has changed and learning years ago that Romans (they were the ones feeding Christians to Lions) were the ones that took writings from scrolls and canonized them into a book we call the Bible. Basically they edited God's work and if that was not enough through translations from the original Hebrew and Aramaic some may have been lost but then King James (an evil, evil man) done by an evil church Roman Catholic again not only changes the texts but even the 10 commandments. Anyway here are just a few things to look for that just made me put down and remove the links from my site, it spoke of love and goodness and forgiveness and the BAM it stated a few things that were bad. Satan is know by a few names like Lucifer, Light Bearer, and more. Hear is a description :    Lucifer has been acknowledged by the Satanic Bible as one of the Four Crown Princes of Hell, particularly that of the East. Lord of the Air, Lucifer has been named "Bringer of light, The morning star, Intellectualism, Enlightenment." Knowing this run away from anyone or any person or any group or any organization that comes on to you with this wording. 

  Another thing to watch for is the dimension thing because there is another realm and dimension other that where we are and this is where demons live. For those who don't believe in the Bible this is even known and possibly better than Christians know it because the teachings have changed so very much in just the last 20 years. If you attempt to contact them you are playing with fire and many play with fire today, the news is full of it. I would to Christians, especially the new and younger ones ask you to read it for yourselves or what's been left in the King James Bible or the new translations, accounts are brief but real and blunt but by taking out books they tell us of evidence, existence yet the full explanation has been taken out. Still they leave no room for interpretation as they are spelled out in plain language. Again, don't take my word for it look it up. UFOs are also mentioned but don't be fooled by nowadays terminology of what a UFO is or make yourself feel foolish to know they are real. Where they come from is probably from a different dimension other than ours but maybe not. Do not be seduced by the Sumerian gods or other gods for when Satan was kicked out down to earth 1/3 of the angels followed him here. There were gods in a plural sense from these "sons of god" or fallen angels after all they are smarter and more powerful than humans and after Babel the people who believed in them were made to worship them and the world was divided amongst them and they were giants. They mated with women and produced giants so much of what you see in Sumerian religion and other religions is true but the part about what they really are is left out. Their lifestyles were evil, their thoughts and deeds were evil but they were smart in evil ways and as such God destroyed the world with the flood but in Genesis it also says some survived. The ones that survived is where some believe that aliens are from as well as the ones that died in body became demons. We know from Sodom & Gomorrah that angels can either take human form or take over a body and since they are angels it's probably safe to assume that the bad angels can do the same. According to the Bible they knew how to make weapons humans couldn't and taught many things but they killed human men. Yes that is in your Bible but to find more you need the deleted books, do your research. I'm just covering the King James Version here. When you read about the flood and the line of Jesus you will soon see that God destroyed the earth for just that reason. 

  Never assume that a person praying to God is your God because they may have a different god or gods that is not the Christian God. These being were worshipped as gods and indeed they probably seemed to be and would even seem to be by our standards today with their intelligence and knowledge. It is a defeated thought to think that the Satan and his angels are not smart because our intelligence pales in comparison to theirs. Who knows the Bible and God better than we do, after all he worked for him at one time. Add that to the term god is what He is, not His name just as we are human or man or woman but that's what we are, not our name. Yahweh is the supreme and only true God to you or I, but maybe not to another. He is referred to as the Living God or God of the Universe but the earth or world belongs to Satan so you might question who is being prayed to and I hate to tell you but if your participating in their prayer then you are praying to the ones that's leading that prayer's god. Your good intentions are not good enough, Hell is full of people with good intentions. We were given a brain to use and we're expected to use it. This will indeed help you to know when the false gods and evil people are at hand, such as now. The most blasphemous thing these days is hearing people say that Bush or Clinton are good Christian people, good and decent people do not hate and do not cause others to hate. Good and decent people hurt when someone else hurts.    

  Jesus or Yahshua (Hebrew Name) taught us to forgive, we don't have to forget but forgive. He taught us to co-exist with each other and to be ever mindful of other false gods and prophets. He taught us to not want what everybody has and not kill and to do good. If anything else is mentioned in your church other than peace and harmony along with the Old Testament teachings (all of it) then your learning the wrong thing. I say this because I have seen and heard a lot lately like the election preachers telling members that if they didn't vote a certain way they were not wanted of they are not doing God's will. Looking at current events I think we all see that none of our presidents in a long time, especially not the current one are worshipping the same god as Christians. I saw a banner that said "Who would Jesus Torture". Funny, no but now that should show us what people are beginning to think about Christianity and let Christians know that going to church or sticking a fish symbol on your car just ain't cutting it. It is said that a man is known by his fruit and ours has become rotten. I think there are 2 things lately I've seen that have been the decline of Christianity. " I'm not perfect just forgiven" and "Once saved always saved". If this were true then Satan and Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels that followed them are saved and will return back into God's legion of angels. also read when Jesus told the "Elders" that stated they were good that God could turn the stones into children of God. That has to be the greatest deception Satan has achieved, even greater than make people think does not exist. How many souls are lost to this and even worse how many are lost by people turning away from religion.      

  I faltered for a while just lately for the first time and it was due to questions I had for many years, actually from childhood, I guess they just caught up with me. Stuff like when Adam & Eve were kicked out of the Garden Of Eden where did they go if the world was paradise. How could the Bible have forgotten to mention something as large as a dinosaur? .Who did Adam & Eve's kids marry? How were the great buildings and statues built? Why were there light bulb drawings in Egypt? Why are spaceships, helicopters and the likes found in drawings, tablets, engraved stone from Sumerian and other ancient artifacts? I finally got these answered and I still have a few but they are insignificant these days as I have the first answered and I'm sure these will be as I read again but this time I will use a site that fixes the proper translation from Hebrew while I have my Bible in front of me, you see it's not that it's that inaccurate but rather some words have been mistranslated either on purpose or by accident. I'll give you a current example: On the news it says Chocolate can reduce cancer and is healthy so you can eat chocolate candy. Reality of this is Coco which chocolate is made from is but sugar which makes coco sweet instead of bitter is bad and very cancer causing due to the acidic nature not to mention other additives. Again research it for yourself with your own Bible. 

  Where did the giant stones and statues come from? Giants and they are mentioned in the Bible but briefly and the books taken out that go more into depth. While all religions have them mentioned I am dealing only with mine, here is a quote  " The Anakites, who "come from the Nephilim" (Numbers 13:28-33), the Emites (Deuteronomy 2:10), and the Rephaites (Joshua 12:4) were giants living in the Promised Land. The Bible also records the famous strife between David and the giant Goliath, ending with the defeat of the latter. Goliath was "six Fagits and a span" in height--over nine feet tall (1 Samuel 17:4)."  Now we have been overlooking these scriptures and even taught to feel foolish to believe in such beings yet our own Bible tells us about them and again, these are the fallen angels. I spent most of my life knowing God flooded the earth because man was wicked but it goes much, much deeper and we are told when the earth will be destroyed again it will be as the days of Noah and there were giants in those days. I/m not sure about Planet X but one thing is sure, they either are or will be here. Another thing I know for sure after studying is that we will be in marvel of them and they will have what seems like powers only a god would have. Possibly this will be our downfall as some religious idiot will attribute these great powers to God and that will start the whole downward spiral. That is what I have against "Organized Religion". We seem to be the monkey see, monkey do and it's no wonder. The news now tells what they want you to know but then has 2 or more people studying what it means and so you are told about something then given an opinion about it from one session. Think for yourself.  

  In the Bible we also see dragons mentioned and what were dinosaurs? Now this time I'm speculating. Satan was doing his work before the Garden of Eden and he had his own plans. Eden was just a place that God had created on earth, it wasn't the whole earth and probably had similar inhabitants that were human like but not human, maybe thanks to Satan, maybe they were already here but humans did not exist until God made the species, we were His creation yet later on He becomes dissatisfied with us and calls us the children of Satan. Indeed we may well be when you look at our actions. It mentions repeatedly in the Bible keeping the bloodlines clean which could be explained by humans crossed with the fallen ones and their offspring, according to our Bible.  Again research it for yourself with your own Bible. It is a shame we know more about sports and movie stars than our own religion. Don't get me wrong I am no saint, no preacher or scholar. I cuss and lust like everybody else but there is one thing I can to realize, If I have to compare myself to another human being to feel good about myself I'm not doing so well. We have been conditioned to believe that believing in dragons and giants and lesser gods are a child's imagination yet when we search we find it is a hidden truth, something we've read over with little references left after the Bible's editing. The term UFO automatically makes us feel foolish when it's just a descriptive term meaning they don't know what it is. Indeed it is a blasphemy to utter that word in the Christian dialogue but in reality it means nothing. The blasphemy is actually done by those who would change the history and the religion yet carried out by us.     

  Deception is today by the glory and if anything should ever make us wonder just look at the news, the news that's edited on TV is bad but the real news is even worse. We are not far from the days of Noah. Look at out last few presidents and what is and has been going on and we have feel into this trap and surely we are deserving of what lies ahead for us. We eat and drink, marry and divorce, make war, we do not reap or sow enough and we lie, steal, cheat and covet. Do I think the end of the world is here, no, by the time the end is here we will be praying for it to end it will be so bad and that may just be what we're coming into. We are presented with opportunities to do good and if we miss them then we are endangered of Hell. If getting to Heaven was all that easy what would be the point in going? We have been sold the ideal of longevity of life yet it is a lie, it's not how long you live but what you accomplish while your here and material goods and money ain't it. Now you might say at 46 I can say that because I have years left or one could possibly argue that since I have an incurable cancer (all cancer is curable) that is why I say such but I tell you that is not it. Cancer did not change me all that much but a heart-attack did. When your body starts to get cold and your heart faintly slows down, as the sounds begin to fade and your sight gets dimmer and you see the people working hard on you but you know it is out of their hands, they can only go so far. It does not matter how much money you have, how many possessions you've acquired, how many records you broke, all that matters, all that crosses your mind is did I do right? What did I do wrong, what didn't I do that I should have, could have? Naked and helpless you leave just as you came into this world except this time you remember. Suddenly the pain quits and everybody comes back into view but with a broader spectrum of sight and a peacefulness that can not be explained, a calmness that is so perfect, so complete and a freedom that you will dream about and forever desire. If should evil people take your physical life they have taken only your pain and confinement if you have faith and they can take no more. They evil ones do not want you to know this so you will buy into the fear of death and if your buying into the warning signs stated in the first paragraphs you should be afraid, be very afraid. If you read and believe and search for the truth that is all they can do to you and your body is not nothing, breathing with lungs is nothing, your soul does not need this body and the last breath doesn't sting and immediately the fear is gone. If however you live your life in hate, pride and prejudice or comparing yourself to another person or passing up chances to do good, stand for nothing, let yourself be blindly led, doing bad things, never forgiving or just set back and watch bad people and evilness blossoms be very afraid for you may have a different scenario.

  Now comes the part that probably won't go over well, Catholicism and I am not very knowledgeable on this and let me first state that I have friends that are Catholics that are good people. I just go by what I see and what I see ain't good. I've read quotes by popes saying the have the power of God to forgive, that they are who God answers to, that they are Jesus in the flesh from Popes. You are still to speak with a priest to have him talk to God, Jesus ripped away the veil so now there is a direct line. I see the Upside Cross in the Vatican which yes I know Peter was crucified upside down but the symbol of the Upside Down Cross was adopted by Satan and this is common knowledge. The Pagan headdress worn by the pope. Calling a man father. Changing the 10 Commandments. Hiding history that could explain more in the Bible at the Vatican. Pedophiles seem to be abundant and are ignored. Idols are bowed to (that's the one taken out, the no graven image commandment).  The Papal Tiara contains a set of words that when numerated produce the total 666, the 'number of the beast' in the Bible. They don't marry but still have sex with others in secret. Hold themselves equal to God but I wonder which god? There are also some rituals that are preformed that are preformed by Sumerians and Pagans and others.       

   I could not have wrote this a year ago but I can now because I didn't know, let me rephrase that, was too lazy to take the time to learn, research and take the time to learn this and the journey has been long and still continues. My years of watching TV is over now and while I enjoy working outside on the farm, on the house and on my cars and on my route at UPS and selling Real-Estate I know this is what can and should be done with extra time and is no longer a priority but an option, my priority is my family and my learning and teaching what I have learned. Again research it for yourself with your own Bible. I think that conspiracy people know all this but are afraid to say this stuff. because it's safer to mention traditional conspiracies and ones that will not offend too many and ones that will not argue back. They are essentially Christians, Jews, the Vatican. and I fit into one of them. We'd much rather have Darth Vader or Masons after us than ourselves. Only problem with that is Darth Vader don't exist and I know a lot of Free Masons and they are good decent people, actually I don't know a bad one. Now there are bad divisions of Masons but most never seen them nor ever heard of them, bet we got some in our own family, churches and religious leaders but that don't make it all bad. I have noticed that the ones attacking Masons seem to never attack the Vatican or Jews.       

  Kids, it's ok to be different just don't get lost. When I was young I had hair down to my belt and a beard and truthfully I partied a bit but I never crossed over to the dark side. If you really want to be different try being nice to everybody and care about people and your world. Stand up for your country and God and be prepared to fight, even die for them. This does not mean to hate and kill anybody or anything different nor follow a leader just because they are in power. Remember that power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. Never trust what you are told or see and always ask questions and read and research for yourself even when authorities tell you to trust them. There are plenty of smart-alecky, stupid, trusting, greedy, lying people so be different, look different and never stand down when your right, never give in when you know something's not right and think for yourself.  Pray a lot but in silent secret places mostly. Right the wrongs of our generation if indeed there is anything left. For your own sake, don't be a Republican or a Democrat, be an American , a good American. For your own sake be a real Christian, a good Christian, a smart Christian and that does not mean you have to be like your stoned on Prozac and a stupid grin but don't have that I have something up my butt look either. Never compare yourself to another human or try and be like one, instead set your goals higher to Jesus (Yahshua). If you get to the point you think your good enough, your not,  so continue and don't get caught up in the nets of the evil. Bow in honor but never bow in worship or on bended knee to no man or sculpture or pray to one.   

  When my generation was younger we said "we're gonna change things", and we did ... for the worse. We grew our hair long and had beards and dressed different, we listen to different music because we wanted to be different. The generation in charge then didn't understand us just as we do not sometimes understand you now but that's ok. What we didn't know was that we all need to be different and how to be different. What is different these days is good, strong, independent, kind. If you want to make a statement make that, if you want to not fit in do that. Whatever you decide just remember that the day we all like the same thing, look alike, dress alike, think alike, act alike, believe alike ... it will be a day not worth living. We should be tolerant of each other and respectful of each other. I have friends that dress, believe, act, like and live differently that I do or even understand yet we are friends and I respect them and they respect me as human beings and as individuals. Our differences does not make one bad or good but our interaction with another does. The blood that flows in our veins is the same even though there are physical, emotional, mental differences. Individuality is the water that makes us grow.                                  


more later

"It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We
 are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen
 to the song of that siren till she transforms us into
 beasts... For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost,
 I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and
 to provide for it."
 -- Patrick Henry