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Let's look at some modern things applying to disease, especially cancer and today's ways and "benefits". . 

  1. Make cars that get better gas mileage in the next 10 years. Now this sounds good but is it? Why wait 10 years for 5 more MPG? If auto makers can spend millions designing cars for looks, bad mpg but faster, why not do the better mpg now? Cleaner air would help a lot, and yes, I am a car collector so I'm not against cars.
  2. Alternative fuels. Anybody from the past generations knows that cars pre 70's can run off moonshine, aka alcohol. They did it before and can again. What you sometimes buy as a cleaner for your fuel sometimes is. Dragsters use it. Who better to get the final profit than the American Farmer? What we call "Third world countries" have weaned themselves from foreign oil, so if we are so smart, so advanced, so ecologically conscience, why are we doing it the old way? Why are we paying for the ones that hate us here in the USA.
  3.  Ever wonder how those satellites just keep on going? well it's not Energizer® batteries. I seriously doubt that solar collectors could gather enough energy to power batteries and if they did, batteries do not last forever. Without going into specs on batteries or how they work (electronics degree) trust me they don't. A perpetual motion motor has been around for decades. Once started, it runs upon itself, and it's only started once, the beginning. This is a concept that seems new to us but it's not, it's just been hidden.  

 Now we get to the disease part and food.

  1.  Here are a few tests you can do. A - Lay out a tossed lettuce salad you have made yourself and see how it looks at room temperature for a few hours. B - Buy a fast food meal and leave it a few hours. Look at it then and look in the bag it was in at the residue of oil. C - Leave some food from a decent restaurant for a few hours in a paper bag and check the stuff plus the bag, bet it's similar to the fast food. Do the same thing when you cook.
  2. Grow and Pick your own vegetables or buy organically grown and kept, now see how long it takes them to soften compared to store bought. these are treated to last longer, picked before they could ripen and chemically coated. 
  3. Let us not forget the irradiated, aka nuked with radiation. This is suppose to be to keep alien bugs from entering the country. 
  4. Make your own juice the drink a glass of bought juice and compare to fresh juice. Bet the taste is different. Actually I know it is. 
  5. Genetically engineered or altered foods. This would be like "Tame Blackberries". 
  6. Genetically manufactured foods. Putting Fire Fly genes in Yellow corn is old, we have created Frankenstein Foods and they are cross pollinating and contaminating edible stock. . 
  7. Even cookies. Make a few from scratch and see how long they stay good, bet it is a lot less than packaged cookies. 
  8. Prepackaged food. Common sense should light up a bulb over your head. Don't take my word for it, read the label. Meats, Frozen dinners, etc.
  9. Microwaved anything. Check out the link the child done and the results.     
  10. Check the sugar and the iodized salt in what your eating. Don't forget the MSG that is labeled tricky.     
  11. Prepackaged, long lasting foods. Will your cookies last that long?
  12. Quick growing cattle, chickens and plants. Let's see how big that burger patty is after being cooked.  

To Be Continued