There's a lot of good ideals expressed so far but there are different kinds of collapses and it depends upon which one. If the financial collapse happens that may lead to martial law or martial law is instilled without a total financial collapse either of which leading to a possible revolution. Each have similar survival needs yet each have different. resonate has definitely a great ideal yet the flaw in it is fiat money will not hold it's value and if it's replaced it will lose all but a collector's value which too much is out there to be valuable for generations to come. Example: An older man spoke with me Friday and asked what a dollar was worth when he was a young man, I didn't know but he said .95 cents. That was after WW2. I noticed him working in Walmart (hate to admit I went there), and years ago he was pretty wealthy. Nowadays it's worth about .04 cents. He had investments and had also kept a lot of cash in the bank. The future goods he invested in gained ground but then were replaced slowly with new technology, almost overnight but he cashed out and still made some money. Still he had accumulated mostly money in the bank. He did not live like he was rich and was conservative from the day I met him. Between the dwindling dollar and a couple of sicknesses he was now in need of a job. This man worked however until he was about 65. Too old to work anywhere, Walmart gave him a part time job which provides food and his property taxes but he did downsize a little and electricity. He is too old to grow enough food for himself. "Never get too comfortable, never feel too safe. Never assume" was what he said. From the looks of it he didn't get to eat right or rest right. 

  I think real estate is a good investment, not because I sell it but because it's yours and it is a home and hopefully some land. Too much real estate however is another thing. It's better to have a little land or even just a home that you can pay for quickly and maintain. Land and homes can go down from other than a war, economic downfall, neighborhood, natural disaster are just a few. Thinking you'll produce enough food for a family on a 3-5 acre tract is also kind of senseless, it's possible but hard to do, and chances are you'll destroy a farm tract that you could either buy or barter from. But what you can afford and what you can maintain, nothing more. But that's not what all possible disaster survival has in common.

  Barter items. Everyday items that store well, easily stored, and are needed or desired. Certain foods, Ammo, Garments, Skills, etc. It will be the things we take for granite first. Fiat money will and is controlled by TPTB. You can't eat, wear or defend yourself or family with precious metals. Chances are many, even when the chip comes will be bartering or what will then be Black Market. There will be more than one person I'd bet that is willing to swap. When and if things stabilize then your precious metals will be of value maybe, but this may take generations. All this is of course assuming of course that martial law does instill one's need to move quickly. Small items in small quantities, not large, easily storable, mobile and needed first, desired second. Fuel but these days it does not store well, so that's out. If you have to stay on the move real estate is not a plus, traceable records and it all depends on who wins as to if you own anything. Still, id it's paid for you will probably have it. 

  The main thing you will have to have is your health, period. Having lost mine I can tell you this for a fact. I'm lucky in the aspect that I have slowly gotten away from all but 2 meds (heart) but what about those that don't wake up or those that can't? If you become sick you will be dependant, weak and eventually ruled. It is much easier to keep your health now than lose it later and fight to try and get it back and getting it back is nothing short of what you have to do, not maintain it. That means selecting the right choice of food and exercise now sucks but that's the truth. Skills. If you can't repair most if not all, don't buy it. The more you can learn the better you will survive. Learn how to work without a calculator, fix a car, fix your electronic stuff and even more, older things before transistors & chips. It's doubtful a tube will still have proper grid but all that can be adjusted. Learn what to grow for your area, how to store it, keep your seeds, trap, fish, prepare, build a house or barn or even a hole to live in. The 2 most important things are knowledge and alliances, then barter items, 3rd is real estate 4th, and precious metals last (determined by TPTB).

  In preservation of food don't depend solely upon refrigeration, know how to can and dry as a back-up. Electricity may just go back to a luxury. In an old Victrolla I found a couple of bills from the 50s. Light bill. 5.54, telephone.54. Price list on chicks 1.25, you can still get them for that price. Imagine if you told that man back then his light bill would be 300.00, phone 100.00 but you could still buy chicks for about the same. Wheat went up 220%, beef will go higher next year to year and a half. Green beans going higher. Other than wheat I couldn't imagine buying any of these from a store. If it's not a mobile survival stock up, enough for yourself and others and if it store well to barter with. Build alliances with those who know different skills, learn theirs, teach yours. For now if you have extra food share it with neighbors. That's just what I think. Probably I could have retired or went on disability but I keep going. At 47, I've seen plenty of people that had 30 years ago, and have nothing now ... and these are and were smart people now at the mercy at the world.