First off look over the typing, rotator cuff so doing it with 1 hand. 

[Prov 1:15]  My son, walk not in the way with them, hold back your foot from their path!
[Prov 1:16]  (For their feet run to evil, they hasten to shed blood.)
[Prov 1:17]  It is in vain that a net is spread before the eyes of any bird--
[Prov 1:18]  These men lie in wait for their own blood, they set a trap for their own lives.

  When I first started researching the Internet, books, TV, newspapers, doctors, sick people all I wanted to know was sick and even though the medical establishment were nice, nobody had answer. When your told you have an incurable disease you feel like your the only one, even though you know your not. I had already been down that road some years before with Pernicious Anemia and even though the words treatable are spoken at first all you here is the not curable part. The next part you here is but you should be able to lead a normal life and you begin to wonder, if you can why would they be telling you that? With time you come to accept the whole information and realize that there are far worse things than lifetime treatments and it's just a fly in the ointment, a fair trade for a fairly normal life. When at 45, I had a heart-attack you again feel all alone then at rehab you see your not, just a bit younger than most in your class. A few trade offs and changes but again you get back slowly into your routine. Reality has began to set in as you find others but still you search in a limited capacity especially since there are so many people and companies out there to search, assist and make sure your ok. But then a bump in the road when you start looking at nutrition labels on foods so that you might never have pain, that scare again. You are taught to look at the labels ingredients and for "heart healthy" labels, fat free or reduced, low sodium, low cholestrol. Soon you find that "heart healthy" is just money that is collected kind of like a person I knew who paid a small fee to be able to be listed as an organic farm and the rights to label what he sold as organic yet he used more chemicals on his farm than anybody I knew of in the area, not to mention the filth. I noticed that low fat labeled foods had sometimes more than twice the sodium. It is kinda like which tire is worse to be flat, left back, left front, right back, right front.... either way you still have a flat tire than will have to be changed. Even still with all daily life's worries, work and entertainment you just blow it off and go on. Then six months later you here the dreaded "C" word but by this time the word incurable occurs. It seems a bit weird that looking back I remember the most being said to comfort my wife and I were "This is a slow type of cancer, 10-20 years on the average"." Most people live with this type for their whole life, it's usually something else that kills them instead of the cancer" "Sometimes it goes into remission". Again the search and this time bingo, this rare form has several victims, they even have a support group, your not alone, people are working hard to find a cure for all of you. We're going to just skim the surface.

   The more you search the more you find, the more you find the more it gets confusing then suddenly it occurs to you that your pretty much screwed. Everybody is searching for an answer except the crazy ones and the religious ones and the ones profiting from the afflicted. Now I'm religious but I'm not buying that line about God did it or allowed it, it don't even make sense. So you eventually go back to the beginning, what caused this? Why are there so many kinds? Why are there no cures? Why do some people get cured? Why has there been no new stuff other than the same type of stuff that didn't work before? What caused it? Why do some get it while others don't? Why have no cures been found? I started with these questions. Religious sites say don't question it. Government and medical sites say nature's doing it naturally but with a few more years and money they can get it. The ones in the know are making a killing. Then there are the nuts. The circle seems never ending only it' s not the circle of life but the circle of death and by the time most people with a fast acting cancer or disease gets to this point they are either dead or dieing  but for some, the answers begin to unfold. You begin to find those from the seemingly sane side crossing over from safe waters to a rough and rocky sea and they have documentation, credentials, proof but they are with the nuts! As you research more you find out that they are split three ways, the nuts, the ones that know and the ones that don't know. Later on you begin to think your crazy yet there is proof and truth. You begin to see that the nuts are split in two groups, ones that are actually nuts and one that know but don't want you to know. I know how that sounds, it sounds crazy even to me when I read it back. From this point it all depends on you, "How far into the Rabbit hole do you want to go?" It gets deep and it gets scary and it gets dark and at some point you know that you can never go back to the way you were, the world was. I loved watching TV and Movies but all that ended when the truth  became stranger than fiction. I am still learning but below is what I know and sometimes I still think I'm crazy and check the facts and documentation out to assure myself that this is real and I am sane. This is why people are sick. Do not take my word for it, research it yourself. 

  This all started some say in 322 but I don't believe that, however it is old. It is older than America which was almost called Amerika. Secret groups have tried to dominate the world for ages and there are documents to prove their existence. I'm still not into the alien thing but theses people are pure evil and they stick to each other, sure they fight amongst one another occasionally  but like family that stops when they are attacked from outside (that's us) and the unify. I am as proud an American as the next, proud enough to fight for her. We've been sold a rotten bill of goods, pride, prejudice and lies. The Bible speaks of prideful people and it's not good. There are also many passages about prejudice people and people who feel better, different, superior to another can never stand together, a house built of sand. Now the lies. I will assume that we all know that the Federal Reserve isn't actually government owned but it was started by bankers in  the early 1900s, until that time money was printed by the governments as a promissory note stating that there was actually gold and silver to back up the money. What makes a deficit is when there are more dollars printed (  promissory note) than actually money to back it up, without real money (gold, silver) you have fancy toilet paper. I also assume that you know the Internal Revenue Service is not government but rather illegally collected by the same bankers to pay off the high interest loaned out to the country, it is not used for government services and there is no law ever ratified that approves it yet there are 2 cases where the Supreme Court overturned it and ruled it Unconstitutional. The Constitution protects us from this tax on our labor. The bankers are known as the Shadow Government and are just one of the Elite Groups in America and the world. There is another Elite Group. Just recently a movie caused controversy and maybe it was made to see people's reaction, The Di Vinchi Code. Here is the group that claims to been around since 322. Here is the father of the Illuminati and partially their beliefs. You will hear that all Masons are bad but that's just not true, I know many that are good people, it is the upper tier that is bad and most lower tiers do not know about their beliefs. They are divisions of the same group and they believe that the Royal Family are direct descendants of Jesus and Mary's marriage and one day allegedly they will produce the bones of Jesus Christ and supposedly prove that He didn't die on the cross but moved and had a family. While I'm not sure how they think they will prove that or when it will be I think many will fall for it. You'd think nobody will be that stupid yet as you go deeper in the hole your going to feel pretty stupid, I know that I did and still do. Now there is one more group, the Bilderberg Group which is a secret group that you are un-officially invited annually and consists of the people that influence business, business, academia, media, or politics and usually no more than 130. Some of these will belong to the other two groups. Then there is the  Bohemian Club and this is a pretty weird group of elite. It's not that clubs are bad or that secrets are bad, their not unless they purposely try and harm, suppress or destroy. Somebody's been working hard for a long time, check this out spelled backwards words : devil=lived, god=dog, evil=live.  

   Now we get down to why these clubs affect you and your health. These groups, and there are probably more hold themselves about all other people. Some state that they are "Enlightened" because they know the truth and to them the truth is scarier than all of fiction. Some say that the Devil (Satan), (JaBoohDa), (Ra) was enlightened when he came to earth and that is who they aspire to be like. They say because of this enlightenment they are above most humans which are called "Sheeple" and as such were are inferior. Some say that the wrong God is mentioned in the Bible as good and bad and that humans worship the wrong God. Some say they are from "Gods" that came down to the earth and were the same Gods that Sumerians worshipped. When you read these links also type into Google or Yahoo and search farther. From these secret groups sprang Hitler and many others. Most of these groups see right and wrong as a concept of man, not God and that there is only one God who is responsible for both Good & Evil. With this in mind they have a series of events, since they do not believe in good and evil, Problem, Reaction, Solution. This seems to work well for them, Create a Problem, People (Sheeple) have a Reaction. They Offer a Solution. It is like a hugh game of chess and people are the pawns. There is a fly again in the ointment, there are just too many Sheeple to control and so they must be downsized in population to make it more effortless and manageable. This has been done repeatedly over the years since the beginning of the game. It is said by these groups that depopulation needs to be done as well because of the burden placed on the earth's resources but they argue of the exact number. One account says 350,000 people need to die each day for many years while ones says all that is needed is 500,000 a fairly mutual number seems to be 1% is the elite and 19% to serve them and do the work so that means about an 80% reduction. Henry Kissinger called anybody that is handicapped or retired "Useless Eaters". This elite group is known as the Illuminati which some argue only exists in Europe but looking at the debt of America  ones sees that apparently we owe and are being sold to Europe and Asia.  

  There are way too may of us to kill off in war like in the past and fear of people wising up along with the destruction of assets just make this a second option. There are ways of achieving the goal: Health. This can be achieved silently and people will have compassion for each other but use just one way, no there are many. These are mapped out flawlessly, as long as we stay Sheeple. Already while one avenue is in progress another has been laid out. The Clinton Administration were thoughtful enough to get us included in the World Trade Organization created in 1944 (Nazi) which has been so great as to lay out our nutritional needs called Codex Alimentarius see this (video), ideal was created in prison by a Nazi War Criminal in 1962. This takes effect in 2009, and will makes vitamins, herbs, organic farming and minerals as illegal as heroine. By their own numbers 3 billion will die from either starvation, disease or malnutrition. Now comes along the Bush Administration, totally different, no but a bit better at the task, think of him as the new 1/2.back, the old one was getting tired. They both, along with most of our other presidents have the same team captain, matter of fact since John F Kennedy nobody has changed sides. I at one time wondered why anybody would spend that kind of money to be president and who had that kind of money, you gotta admit, it's one hell of a show, did they fool ya? The next way is the water supply. It is a proven fact that when tested in a prison, Fluoride made prisoners more passive and also Fluoride is one of the only elements that can pass the blood brain barrier. What does this mean? Alheizimers, Parkinson's and other mental an d neurological illnesses. Chlorine, while needed in the water to fight bacteria is like anything else, too much isn't good. Of course too much water isn't good either and global warming does just that as land ice melts. Lack of Minerals, Vitamins and Nutrients are the underlying cause for most diseases, starvation and death.   Codex Alimentarius own estimates that  billion will die from starvation within 1 year another 2 billion from other related nutritional disease. They are also the same ones that are pushing GM FOODS, GE FOODS, chemicals in beef and dairy products. To shorten this a bit, all that remain is the air, nope, Chemtrails which are bad enough but what diseases are being added to the spray are even worse, Morgellons. If you hate reading go to the board and watch videos along with articles and links for those who like to read.

  Now while all this takes place the media which remember is one of the Bilderberg Group have a job to do, keep you focused on everyday life, entertain you and misinform you. One of the funniest things I've heard was Mike Savage say he doesn't like Rush Limbaugh. I actually fell for then line until after a few times listening and then I listened and saw the same speech pattern. The only difference is that they are going for different sectors which is funny, in America there should be no different sectors, difference sure but still American. This is simply 2 old grumpy farts being paid to misinform you, divide you and implant thoughts and doubts. There are so many of these media whores that I no longer watch the News on Tv or Radio unless I want a laugh and if your buying what they're selling, they get a good laugh but their masters get your soul. There are a few good radio and TV places for real news but very few. You can find them on the links page on this website and I'm sure there's more. Watching CNN (Communists News Network), ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and that along says it all, you don't put the Fox over the chickens, MSNBC, this stuff is not real, it is entertainment and a poor attempt at that. These communists need to go away. Boycott them, don't buy stocks, don't buy from their advertisers. Pick no more than 2 shows on TV per week, read the Internet, Watch the Internet, Turn off your radio when driving. This is another way to control you, mind control. They do sound bites and omissions and lies. Ever think we must have a boring world since all these news networks have pretty much the same story. Here is just 1 example. All one has to do is either create an panel or research team or buy one, big Tobacco is a great case of that and now cell phones. I  know that when my cell isn't attached to me all week, seldom but it happens my cancer is not as active as when I do. All that need to be done is make an alleged panel that studies and if the results are bad alter it. You actually don't have to prove your lie, just place doubt in people's minds about the truth and let nature take it's toll. .   

 Global Warming accomplishes many things, mosquitoes, diseases spread farther in warmer climate, so does bacteria, less snow caps means less drinking water, and the trade route (ships) are faster when the artic ice melts, no more going around. It will make trade quicker to China and Russia plus they can move their tanks and personnel here quicker to the American Detainment Centers (Prison Camps) here in America for Americans. At least I assume their militia will help them since some our the signs are in Russian & Chinese. We have already sold some Toll Roads to the Chinese. Add to that we have borrowed a lot of money from the Chinese. What kind of bad Americans will be held there in these places? Registered Gun Owners, Religious Leaders, Tax Evaders and such are at the top of the list. When is this suppose to take place? It is happening right in front our eyes and has been hot since the 1900s. Like boiling a frog we are just setting there while the water heats up. The media is doing their part keeping us occupied while the goal is carried out. I will add more to this in time but this is something we have to all do. I will leave you with this Why did we fight Afghanistan, Iraq and we're trying to pick a fight with Iran? Is it for something they did? No. They did nothing to us. Is it for Oil? Well that's a perk but not the main reason. These Middle East Countries and a few more will not submit to the World Banking System and World Trade System, aka The New World Order . If you click on the word you can read the non-partisan definition and see that media is certainly one of the group implementing the ideal.  To find out real information already we must go to other sites like those who are specialists in any area we want to learn about, this has become nothing short of Nazi Germany when it comes to learning the truth on anything that is connected to our government and British government and may other governments or secret organizations. Remember they don't have to prove the truth wrong, just plant a doubt in the minds of people. I love how many specialists are asked on TV that aren't actually specialist in the field they say they are, like Dr Phil is actually not a doctor, he does make sense but still he's not a doctor.   

  So by now you must be wondering one of two things...maybe both. Am I insane or is this stuff for real? This is just the surface, how far deep does this stuff go? There is so much more and all this is the shallow end of the pool, click on linked words to wade out but to go for a swim read and watch the board and visit the sites listed the Google it. Let's go a bit deeper. In  2008, a card will be issued and attached to your driver's license and this will allow you to enter federal buildings, (you must have them with you at all times) do banking and have what are now free privileges but soon after the implantable chip is expected to be enforced, currently it is voluntary and FDA approved. These babies will contain all your information, health, financial, history and can be downloaded to get info. These RFID chips will be mandatory to buy, sell or even exist in society. Ok so that is coming what about now? Currently American citizens can be arrested, detained indefinitely, imprisoned, searched, commodities taken, property taken all without defense, trial or representation every executed and or tortured under the Freedom Act 2 and the newest act secretly signed by Bush in October 2006. It's unconstitutional but if nobody knows where you are and which ones have you who's gonna say anything? Chances are the general public will be caught off guard as life concerns, entertainment, sickness and just pure laziness keep them unaware until it's too late. Currently and no it's not new your every call is monitored, your every email, they even know your on this site right now and although Bush is using it Clinton started it. As you go into the rabbit hole you will see both parties are the same, not that there isn't some good people in politics but like the honest media, they are rare. There are protest zones and no protest zones just like Russia, China and other red countries. One must be intelligent enough to ask ones self, where does all this money for campaign come from? If you think the general public donates it you might as well turn back on the TV and go back to sleep and or bury your head back in the sand, it will not go away but at least you will deserve what is coming.    

  Then there are many smaller facts like NASA and Area 51 were formed from Nazi Scientist and brought over and protected by Truman under the Operation Paperclip. Skeletons in the closet sure but some people have real ones like Prescott Bush (GW's grandpa) stealing  Geronimo's skull for the Skull & Bones at Yale, collage a paternity prank, no, there is nothing funny about desecrating a grave. Bush is also obsessed about Mars and to find out why you have to find out about the religions that believe we came from Mars and those that believe that Mars was a kind of rest stop for weary travelers coming to earth. At some point we must ask ourselves why we vote for people like the ones we have. Has it not occurred to us to reject anybody that comes from those "top name schools" which come to find out gets the majority of their students based on name and dollar, not intelligence, not morals, not competence, not decent people. As long as we are good Republicans and good Democrats 80% of American will make good corpses while 19% will make good slaves. Tomorrow will be too late and people that are that ignorant deserve it, the ones that don't or can't (too young) don't deserve it. My grandfather fought against the Nazi in WW2 and thought they won, Nazis didn't loose, they just moved, reorganized and planned a bit better. Now there is yet another thing that just lately came into light for me I just found out about, Japan. My grandfather was also fighting against Japan and back in the late 60s he told me that Japan said they would one defeat the USA without firing a shot and in effect, with our help they and China have. In effect foreign countries and some we thought poor or less intelligent are pretty much buying and have bought us out here in America and can, do and will effect they way this country operates and world decisions, in effect, Americans no longer own America. Somewhere we lost our way and at the same time forgot history, perhaps if colleges stop the party atmosphere and the bullshit classes along with K-12 studying World History (as they want it known)  this would not be. The first world war we had become so dependant upon foreign trade we were crippled while the second world war we had become too isolated from other countries.          

   This is something that powerful groups have been doing for quite a while and perhaps that's why it has been relatively unnoticed but within the last 100 years they have gained speed with the last 20 years making the most progress. What I want to know is why and who? The groups within us now seem genius as they  make leaps and bounds in their progress but that too is an illusion for while they are smart it is not their intelligence alone responsible for their progress but rather they follow a path set from their ancestors. In a way they have been set up by their predecessors and combined with new technology they are sailing through. One great accomplishment is limiting our information on the past and changing the past. This has created a massive series of forks in life's roads, that is to say, created divisions and doubts in our beliefs and knowledge which creates divisions in people. To further hinder us from learning is the threat of chastisement if should we even doubt enough to learn when we see facts to the contrary of what we've always been told. It is no wonder we are called Sheeple for just as a Shepard need raise his crook the sheep flock, together in a flock each thinking the crook can hit them all and blindly follow the one in front. Good verses Evil is a flattery, it is more like Evil verses Ignorant. What in world past could be so important, so powerful, so imaginable that it's worth hiding, worth killing, worth destroying?  Somebody's been working hard for a long time, check this out spelled backwards words : devil=lived, god=dog, evil=live. Another good example is Giants which did actually live on the Earth, if your a Christian you may have overlooked those parts, what's even weirder is the Book Of Enoch was taken out of the Bible yet Enoch is still mentioned. Physical proof, yes. The Vatican and Museum Of Natural History collected, stored and has been hiding them for many, many years, but why? The original Bible tells of Other people that other religions called gods, so why was it pretty much omitted but not totally from our Bible today? It is so discretely left it wasn't until the website on the Giants link has it pointed out. Why was the books taken out that described it more fully? Why was the books taken out that describe "Sons of God" taken out yet minute references left in the Bible? Why are UFO's so disclaimed? If they are not real then what about the Bible references of people from other worlds. Why is not known that under Hitler a designed and built working Flying Saucer was produced, actually several. Why did Britain declare war on Antarctica in 1945 and got their butts kicked and in 2005 Bush declares war on Antarctica? Why has Christianity omitted from our knowledge the Sumerians, the oldest civilization known and our Old Testament and their history are also identical? Why did we not know that Egypt was as advanced as they were and probably more than we are today? They had electricity, doctors, medicine, surgery tools we still copy even today. Why have the new books found within the last 100 years not been added? What has been re-written, left out, added and edited and why? Do I question God, No, I question the men that have gained charge of it. Now there is a dispute as to the chronology that is to say, timeline of which events and people occurred. It doesn't seem that bad at first look but the ramifications would be immense and there is a lot of money promoting the hypothesis. Given a few generations or a massive depopulation and it can be included especially with the newest announce technology or programmed memory .     

  At first I began to look at Sumerians and wonder and question my own beliefs but when you get the Big Picture you soon learn that they were wrong and were the Fallen Ones or the Illuminated Ones, sounds good but when you think back to Lucifer and research that he was the "Light Bearer", also referred to as the "Morning Star" by the Romans. There are "Christian" churches and organizations using this as the name which tells me we don't know what we are worshipping and  no, it's not what's in your heart or the "He knows what we mean". Now Christianity has been changed a lot and there is so much that has been left out, taken out and changed some by error and some intentionally but the basics are still there which is smart because to deceive people you must mix truth with lies. These omissions and these errors have led many astray for one reason or another by placing doubt or creating conflicts on facts and thus they conceive that all must be wrong to . We have focused way too much in Christianity on God's love and while that statement may have sounded bad it is not. Indeed as many of us want the facts and this "blind faith" has been taken way too far, blind faith is believing without seeing, kind of like the wind or gravity. It is not the ignorant saying of because it says so or we're not suppose to question it or left up to ones interpretation of what was trying to be said. Since I am not a scholar and I wasn't there it leaves me in a delicate situation s to facts and also vulnerable to those who wish to deceive me so I must see and have facts. Then there is the absence of facts like dinosaurs, hugh structures, giant people, other people and other gods. These are all there if the translation is correct and the books taken out are added, after all they are referenced in the ones left and that in and of may play a part in coming deception. Now just how is it that we have become accustomed to deleted and mistranslated texts to make one up and "find" it later on or what if a real one is "found" and again we are at the mercy of the ones in power as to it's truth. Who are the powers that be? In a way we can all understand it I'll put it like this: The users are the people. The sellers are the secret organizations. The manufacturer is the Lucifer. If we look at the teaching of Yahshua or better know to us as Jesus Christ and His teachings were so much different than what we live our lives today as well as the church which will not save you and can not save you, belief and following His way is the way you will be saved and  nothing is left up to interpretation but rather must be referenced by other books in the Bible to translate. There were dragons mentioned and giants other than David & Goliath in the Bible as well as UFOs but some seem to forget, omit or select what is truth and that don't work either. There were other gods and one can reference them as well as they and their followers challenge God so looking at Greek Mythology it is mostly true except these gods were probably the Benei Elohim which are powerful angels. If they are as I suspect they have like their leader Satan mislead many as we look to Sumerian and other religions and are astonished. In comparison they are like gods to man yet pale in comparison to the God His name is Yahweh but has many others. We are not to hate but to go any farther you can research this yourself and unwillingness to or laziness to is your responsibility for yourself you can one day answer for, mine is for me.


                I'll add more later