The Truth As I See It 

  Now I'm no genius or doctor but neither am I a fool. Cancer is BIG BUCKS. How many people believe that Phillip Morris will help you quit smoking, only the morons. Why would they? Isn't selling you tobacco their business? Yes I still smoke so I can relate. "Physician heal thyself". The American Cancer Society had in 1998 built up to 800 million in reserves, in addition to numerous land holdings. The CEO gets 760,000.00 in salary! For every 1.00 spent on cancer victims, 6.47 is spent to pay wages. 

 Anything that you want to conceal, control or conquer can be done with a few steps when covering a crowd. First - Mix Truth and Lies. Put out information that has a few facts mixed in with lies on the more important issues.  Second - Ridicule thoughts or people that think for themselves or don't believe the disinformation. Third - Publish or distribute disinformation through all means. That includes people planted inside the people. Kinda like spies only their not just watching. Example: Have someone say they have a disease join those that do and blend in. Some companies do this while on strike. Supervisors during a strike I went to a chat list and posed as employees that were crossing the picket line. Fourth - A backup for those that do not fall for the first three, Scare Tactics. This may include murder, taking licensees, threats. Discredit - Anybody or anything you may feel interferes you can take away their integrity from people. The term Quackery is applied when actually first one that accuses is usually is the one that farted.    

  The Drug Cartel - We all know about illegal drugs like cocaine, pot, etc but what about the other cartel? The legal one. If a natural source is available then it is only what the market will bring. That is to say that if a certain vitamin, element, food, etc will work anybody could sell it, distribute it or grow it. Let's look at Nitrogen Mustard. At one time fairly cheap, one of the oldest known chemotherapy, never improved upon yet from when I used it went from insurance, they paid all but 100.00 per jar and I was told it was cheap. Now that same jar will cost you about 750.00, up from 100.00 in the last year. That is just one med. Now this stuff hasn't been improved upon or changed since it was first used in medicine. I'm sure it was changed a bit after Hitler used it as a chemical weapon years ago. Drug companies spend millions of dollars selling their stuff. Reps, ads on TV, Radio and Lobbying. Read the list of side effects on just a simple medicine. These are the Top Of The Food Chain. 

   FDA -  These are next in line. They can spend money on testing crap that has 2 pages of side effects that is chemically made yet can not afford to look or research something that may actually cure anything or not lead to or cause another bad disease. Most of the medicine we use today has been found in plants, foods, etc. These are in my opinion the guard dogs of the master, the Drug Cartel. I suggest you research it for yourself. Yes, some of what they say is true but isn't that a part of master deceit?  Mix fact and fiction together enough and teach it very young and teach obedience over intelligence from birth and there you have it. They, in my opinion, work this masterfully. 

  NCI, WHO, ACS - Ok, it's a non profit thing. But see number 3. Non profit dose not mean big, big bucks. Even if the ones in the field or mid stream are honest, when you gonna go it the ones at top aren't? 

  Media - Papers, TV. Next time you watch the worlds news watch the stories. Either there is very little going on or they all like the same story. Now look at you magazine, TV ad, radio show for drugs advertised.      

    I don't think doctors are bad but they are controlled, especially the younger ones, maybe without even realizing it. Hitler once said Those who control the past control the Present. Those that control the Present control the Future. Basically teach them young what you want them to know and bingo. 

  Now with all these people working for all us out here, why is Cancer the number 2 killer? On yeah, in America. When I was young in the 60s cancer wasn't all that bad. Just a few years ago (about 10-15) your chances of getting cancer was 1 in 4. Now they are 1 in 2. That means if you and your wife have 2 kids, 2 of you will contract Cancer in their lifetime. If we done are job as well as they do, we'd be fired and probably black-balled from employment. 

  Now comes the scary part. If you own a business what do you seek? More sales. How do you do it? Read the first paragraph. The odds have rapidly increased. It's really simple, create a new problem while temporarily patching another. Throw a few mails in the road, keep cheap patches that will not last long but will destroy the rim when it wears out or loosen a bolt while patching the tire.                   

  Now you can't believe everything you read elsewhere either. I ask myself a few questions when I research. 1 - What are they selling?  2 - What are they saying, what aren't they saying? In my quest for Eissac Tea I found that the formula may be lost so who the Hell knows what it was. Sure the ingredients were the same but what about proportions? Everybody claims the real thing. Bet your bottom dollar that if people think they can sell you something while your dying promising you won't die they will. It's called greed. We already see it from the above mentioned. And then there are the real quacks, they are in my opinion the conventional medicine and some alternative medicine.      

  What you don't know can't hurt you........Right??? WRONG. What you don't know can kill you and your family. Living in a bubble, turning off the bad stuff doesn't make it better....only worse. It's still there and it can still hurt and kill you. If you turn your head and stick your hands in a fire it's still just as dangerous as it would be if you were looking at it. 

  I, at one time believed that this was a great time to live. We no longer had to work mostly for food. We buy it prepackaged in the store and if something goes wrong, take a pill to fix it. Oddly enough it pretty much works great for a little while. Soooo easy. Then eventually reality sets in and does it so rudely. 

   Most people can also be controlled by religion. That is something I don't mention much. I found out many years ago there are 2 Gods. The one I learned in church...and the real God. In my opinion it is Blasmephy to say the following :

  God has nothing to do with this. There is a thing called Free Will. It was my free will to smoke, drink Dr Peppers, Eat mainly meat, Buy prepared foods, Use Microwaves, Not rest enough, Work at a stressful place, Not educate myself, Believe the easiest, laziest way, watched foul people come to power. And it was yours. If I am bitter, it's at myself. 

  If should this get attention so be it and should this be considered "quackery", so be it. The biggest quacks I've seen so far are the guard dogs for the ones selling you stuff that's gonna kill you. Do I worry about pissing them off? No. I will not contribute to prolonging the pain so they can build a swimming pool or pay their greens' fees or whatever they decide to do with their ill gotten gains. I do have one reserve, one thing I enjoy remembering. Money don't buy Heaven but it can get you a hotter seat in Hell when you earn it wrongly, especially at another's expense.  

   Annie Hill use to say to us when we were kids, towards the end of days, people will be weaker but wiser. "The weaker the wiser". It didn't make much sense then but it does now. Being a farm boy in the 60s weakness was measured by physical ability. It was meant that people will be smarter in the end days, more educated yet weaker in their will which in one aspect means easily lead, easily fooled.