Vegetarianism The New Way of Healthy - The Rest Of The Story

   Vegetarianism has really sprung out. Man the people making sure we're eating correct, the reasons we need this diet, the good we do for all for this diet. Never has a way of life been push for so hard. Alleged Christians, Satanist, Ecologists, Hellenistic Doctors, Conventional Doctors, PETA are to name just a few. Some Actors even endorse it, and we know what reputable people they are. Our own government experts love it, of course they also thought torturing mental patients was health too. What is the rest of the story?

  First off, Monsanto and other giants are competing for your food. Already they have patented all kinds of life, and you thought only God did that. They do however use His life and "improve upon it" Nature just takes too long, so they are nice enough to help out ... for a price of course. Their inventions work so well that Africa, India and soon Mexico have seen the benefits of their work and through TV, you can at least see Africa's people. They do however forget to mention the farmers that are committing suicide because of crop failure which results in loan defaults, and we know what's next. We also aren't privy to the news about the lawsuits Monsanto has against small time farmers because the farmers must have prayed that the wind blew the infected but patented seeds of "their plant" into and infected the plants of the farmers. Yes, the world owes this and other great giant companies located here in the USA a great deal. Let's not forget those that empower these great corporations, like the FDA, USDA and other fine agencies that through our tax dollars allows them to help assist us in our hunger. Once these seeds are contaminated, I mean blessed with their improvements there is no turning back ... except the Seed Conservatory for the world that is being built for future generations. Which one, take a guess, better yet, ask the UN. In their dilemma in losing control over their new inventions they were thoughtful enough to make it so as you wouldn't be plagued but these seeds. They created the Terminator Seed, sounds kind of Hollywood and pretty awesome. This way, you will not have to worry about saving your seeds again, you just go each year and buy more, your will be of no use. This even applies to your plants that were cross-pollinated. Of course you'll have to remember the brand and variety now since they will need special fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides that are created just for that specific variety from that specific company. If you've never used any before, you will now, you'll have to. It really shouldn't matter that they are all petroleum based products. I mean, as long as oil prices stay the same and you never have to rotate your crops, the ground will all be devote the same minerals and nutrients.  

  These new creations are thoroughly tested on the honor system, that means we're so grateful we let them grade their own papers. Who really needed double blind independent studies anyway. Occasionally they like to have feedback from another source to back up their findings so they create small organizations and fund hugh amounts to schools and our government, hey got to fund these elections somehow, right? Occasionally some right wing groups actually test these man-made miracles made for us, but don't believe them, right? So what if several of them cause cancer in animals that eat it, like the potatoes. What if wild deer will walk through a field of this great altered corn without eating it, more for us right? What if Rice crossed with Human DNA causes sterility and miscarriages, they'd probably abort anyway, right? These are to name a few, but hey, nobody financed these people to test this stuff or asked them too. I mean really, what's the problem with knocking off a few people in the name of progress. So this stuff doesn't digest well, stays in our blood, after a while alters the natural DNA of people, causes a few deadly side effects.

  Now we also have PETA. Perhaps we need extreme on each side to find the correct middle. I do believe that torturing anything is a sin but not killing it. These people cite extreme examples practiced only on corporate farms, not by regular turn of the century farms. Yes, they should be put out of business and probably they would, except they usually are owned or connected with big agri businesses like Monsanto and of course they make donations via lobbying, you surely didn't expect a few companies to support the campaign did you? They occasionally get a smack on the hand, small fine, nothing really considering the profits, then continue. Now PETA knows these people have money so basically they don't head butt them, rather they make you suspect that all farms are ran that way. Sadly enough this drives out humane farmers because PETA has money, not as much as corporate farms but more than small farmers.

  We get into how the land is wasted on these fenced in poor fellow inhibitors that will live their life being controlled and brutally die by their controllers. For your own sake here don't watch the news or review your daily life. The old saying (actually not that old after 1913), "All that's for sure in life is that we Die and Pay Taxes". They appeal to our nurturing self, and most have that side. For them, they the most cruel visions ever found and start a sound bite on it. All animals have feelings and hurt, this is a no brainer, did they just figure it out? They want all animals to be free, don't we all. That's easily accomplished, just kill out and return back about 80% of the people and the land and they can be free. You first. Other than that, we can watch all species, except squirrels, rats and a few others go extinct. That's it, either or. Then they tell us the water used by a cow could be used for better purposes. Their ideal of reality is maybe based upon some type of drug induced semi comatose state, think about it. In order for the animals to be free all you have to do is look in the room and pick 3 of every 4 that need to die and their land returned to wild lands. Then you need to go to the zoo because that's one of the only places left and gather predators, retrain them and release them back into the wild. You can tell if you've done a good job if they look at you like your lunch and attempt to eat you. Remember, they have feelings too so just let them have a limb you have an extra of.

  Then they go a step farther and say that eating eggs are baby embryos? News Flash, Chickens don't have to be pregnant to do an egg, it's a natural process that occurs when the gland is stimulated by a certain amount of light. Even chickens eat and enjoy their own eggs. This just shows how these people have not got a clue.    

    Now they even get into the Christian realm with getting people to state they are Christians and that God didn't intend on us eating animals. They're right, he didn't but with the eating of the apple that pretty much screwed up everything God intended. We weren't meant to be eaten either but walk across an open plain in Africa (what's left of it) and see if God's plan for you to not be eaten is still in force, I'm betting not. We are to live by the fruits, grains and seeds, close, then again close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. We have one stomach, only one normally, most people just look like there's more. Birds digestive tract and ruminants are designed to eat grains, not us. Not that is unless they are fermented. Ruminants eat the grass and grains, through it up and this is what you see the cows chewing, cud.