What's changed ? 

  What has changed to dramatically increase Cancer? I know it can't be genetics. Do the math. 45 years ago about 1 in 10, maybe even lower. In the 80s 1 in 4. Now 1 in 2. God knows the population has exploded but for genetics to transfer, it must pass from parents to offspring, there has not been enough time passed for that kind of expansion, we would have to reproduce like Rabbits.  Read more on the Health Board.

  Aluminum usage. Nowadays we use it far more frequently than ever before. foil, Cans, Cooking utensils. 

  Medication -  Is it just me or has anyone ever got sick after a Flu Shot? We use it to sleep, eat, awake, stress, relax, focus and about anything else you can think of.    

  Stress -  Most corporate companies think it's a must for superior performance that is needed. UPS says everybody needs stress to perform better. 

 Lack of Minerals & Vitamins -  Most of our food, especially during off season is imported. Before it gets here it's hit with radiation. This not only kills foreign bugs, bacteria but also kills many minerals & vitamins. 

  Animals for Food - Many farms today use steroids, cortical steroids and heavy antibiotics and sulpher based drugs in production.        

   Preservatives - Change in chemically produced ones. 

   Sugar - Refined sugar is in almost everything. If you can obtain it, ask for the fast food contents. Hardees has one on the wall, imagine the ones that don't. Look at a box of "Natural Cereal". 

   Sugar Substitutes - Probably better off with sugar. 

   Food Habits - Eating out. Some salads from top line restaurants even use chemicals to make their salads look better and stay fresher longer. Plus the sugar. 

    Sodium -  Read the low fat meats and products. Already the prepackaged meat and stuff and crammed with it but the low fat ones have more. 

   Plastic - This is use highly changed. Most are held together with Benzene. It's also used in gas. A high cancer causative.  

   Microwave - We all have one nowadays but I don't think it is a big factor. http://www.rense.com/general70/microwaved.htm 

  Appearance -  Food is dyed, treated and even coated to look good. 

Bread - That's a hard one for me. Anything made from "enriched flour" is bad. Store bought Light bread is bad, white worse than whole grain but they are both bad. Not only that but there are additives that are put into it to keep bugs from eating it.   

  Benzene -   Ok, what is it? here's the definition.  Benzene is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is produced by the burning of natural products. It is a component of products derived from coal and petroleum and is found in gasoline and other fuels. Benzene is used in the manufacture of plastics, detergents, pesticides, and other chemicals. Research has shown benzene to be a carcinogen (cancer causing). With exposures from less than 5 years to more than 30 years, individuals have developed, and died from, leukemia. Long-term exposure may affect bone marrow and blood production. Short-term exposure to high levels of benzene can cause drowsiness, dizziness, unconsciousness, and death. The current permissible exposure level is 1 part per million (ppm) in air for an 8 hour average with a short-term exposure limit of 5 ppm. Benzene can also be absorbed through the skin.

  Chlorine - Not very good stuff. It kills the beneficial bacteria as well. The U.S. Council of Environmental Quality has stated that: "Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine." Are we thus to understand that, out of the 2 1/2 million people who develop cancer in the U.S. each year, nearly half are getting cancer from the effects of chlorinated water? Or that, of the 560,000 who die each year from cancer, chlorinated water could have been the main factor causing nearly half of those deaths? Consistent with the research showing a connection between acidity and cancer, it turns out that chlorine is extremely acidic, and ingesting it creates conditions that the body counters by stealing elements such as calcium from the body's stores, and also lowers the oxygen level within the body. Chlorine also kills the priceless friendly bacteria in the colon. Too, when showering or bathing, a person consumes (by breathing) even more chlorine than by drinking the water. The chlorine gas is absorbed in the lungs directly into the blood without being filtered or neutralized.

  Farming Methods - Over the last decades more and more genetically engineered grains. Steroids and Antibiotics in heavy use for beef, pork, poultry and fish. You should take a look at what poultry is being fed. If you think Chicken is safer, think again. 

   Electricity - Yes, we all have it but look around. I know when I built my house I put in plenty of plugins and miles of wires. So that I don't have to wait to turn something on, all are full.

   Gas & Oil - The chemical compounds are very toxic. I'm a car collector so I'm not just pulling this outta thin air or saying it lightly. I also drive a truck for a living. Mechanics and those directly in it are one of the worse groups for cancer.

     Herbicides & Pesticides - When I was a kid, and that hasn't been so long ago, we pulled up weeds, cut with sickles and swatted bugs. We did use a little sevin dust.  

   Tanning Oils - These are said to be extremely caustic. An article I just read seems to think you can prevent the bad burns and side effect of sunlight by diet. I would have laughed at this many years ago, but not now.

   Sugar - This is one of the worse things ever developed. 

  Salt. If your salt is white or iodized, it's bad. 

Fuel - The lead we had of yesterdays is nothing compared to the Benzene crap of today. 

Crops - Genetically Engineered and Genetically Modified Foods. We are growing Franken Food!

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Picture from our yard (actually took 2007)


reference http://www.stopcancer.com/