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   I have learned that so, so very much is corrupt. Partly I knew this long ago but never really fully appreciated it until now. Watching Billy Graham years ago he preached about Close To Right, how things can be turned that are wrong to look right. His analogy was on a bumper sticker that said, "God said it. I believe it. That settles it". That is so close to right. God said it. That settles it would be correct. The devil makes us think that we have to believe it before it can be settled. So little a change makes many fall, makes it all different. Makes it all incorrect.

  We have been conditioned, or that is to say...softened. I was born in 1960, and it was said then that we would one day not have to eat, just take a pill that had everything we needed. We depend upon a pill to cure us. There would be a pill to cure us. Pharmaceutical companies were working hard but they had a new allies,  the FDA and Doctors teachers. I'm sure it seemed good at a time when people were selling sugar water to people that were sick. Now (in my opinion) it has become the Federal Disinformation Administration. This is where professors enter the scenario.  Some were scared to look foolish, some paid, some scared and some bought. These are the teachers of our new doctors, trained with pills and drugs that are very profitable. Now we couldn't just have this, we needed a global watchdog, the WHO and the CDC. Add to that a few years, something to "mould minds"  and we have what is today's medicine. I have counted at least 3 new medicines that have side effects of Lymphoma, but these you say are passed. They are good. aren't they? Look at the list of possible side effects and see for yourself. Why would they be passed....$.

   So how can you tell what's what? For me personally, when I watch the news I think if they say the economy is good, it's not. The more professionals that attest to a fact, the more BS you get and farther from the truth you go. Here is a good one, house sales is down, yet there are several buyers we can't find homes for. The truth is upper end houses are down, regular people and regular priced homes are still selling like hotcakes. I have become a fan of the movie V for Vendetta. A bit far fetched, watch the movie, then watch the news. 

Confusion :  Now we need a dose of confusion. This causes cancer in laboratory rats or mice. Only to be rescinded 1 to 5 years later by we were wrong. Do that over a few hundred products, make that thousands and bounce back and forth a few times and people start to think they are "crying wolf". I remember saying "what the Hell, everything causes cancer". Sunshine is a good one. Now they say we need it, but just 15 minutes of sunshine a day after years of saying it was bad and even more present is we need it with sunscreen or lotion. Funny, sunscreen and lotion have plenty of cancer causing chemicals in them. But wait, aren't they right around the corner? 100 years ago hardly any cancer was found in the human population. 1930 1 in 3,000. Today 1 in 2. Does that sound like right around the corner to you? To get confusion started all you need to do is and/or, pay someone to confirm your claim by either buying, threatens or even better still, open a testing company. That's what big tobacco did. I wonder who failed to get their money on that one? Then of course, you will need a charity and or the government to assist you in your cure to fix what you started, except if you fix the disease your losing money. But wait, you can add to it by creating new diseases to cure.    

  Excuses:  DNA, predisposed. You can do the math. here in the south in the 1960s you seldom heard or seen cancer.  Now as I said before, I'm not smart but even if people started giving birth at 13 years old it would not add up to today's numbers. There hasn't been that many generations in 46 years, not to support that kind of a change. Kinda blows that outta the water. In 1930 the odds of cancer were 1 in 3,000. We are using chemicals that are against the Geneva Convention to use on our enemies in our own food, household, liquids, and medicines. We make our land deficient of  minerals needed by plants. add toxic chemical fertilizers which we then eat. We produce toxic animals by feeding them antibiotics and chemicals only to digest them into our own bodies. Oddly enough, unless in a very bad environment (contaminated) cancer does not exist in animals, only ones that have been in a containment or as a pet. Light should be going off about here! There are people in the world that don't get cancer. There are people in the world where cancer is also non-existent like it was here once. We breathe the same air in most cases but our diets are totally different.   

  Pity: Well if we have a war everybody fusses over innocent casualties, but what about a disease, man made but we're not suppose to know that, remember, it's genetic. We watch our loved ones slowly die. I've done that too many times before. But wait, we need to get it organized so we developed agencies to gather money from the bereaved. Where does this money go, not much to cancer casualties, not to the left behind families with enormous bills but to salaries and a touch for research. I still don't understand what Millions in the bank, super cars for execs and massive real-estate holding have to do with research.  Do we realize that people have been placed on the moon cheaper? If we achieved results like they have on our job, we'd be fired, if at home, we'd be divorced, if at life, we'd be dead. I remember my father's words to me that came painful to speak when I told him to hang on, they'll find a cure. A businessman, he spoke, "No they won't, they're making too much money off it, they don't want to". So we give money to the greedy basically so we'll feel better about the suffering of someone, it does little for their pain. We do it blindly. While one day they will have to account for their actions, so will we, because we financed it knowingly. I was one of them.  

Financial : Pretty much says it all. Drug Reps. Doctors and Nurses in oncology. Drug companies ( billions). Hospitals make a killing. Home Health care  Hospice has many clients. Charities billions. Equipment manufacturers. Magazines and TV and just about any publication in advertising money space (usually 1 page for drug, 1-2 for side effects. Most of the commercials seem to go through an endless list of what MAY happen if you take this great new drug, but then catch the last or sometimes during, other may arise. So what do we do if (actually when) something arises? See your doctor. What about insurance costs, simple, pass it along to the consumer or take what they have worked for and if that's not enough, send them bills. If they can't pay, make them pay by insuring their credit is destroyed so they can't buy anything else and in a successful lawsuit, they end up homeless. So what if they didn't get all the money, at up to 10,000% mark-up, actually they did.   

     This also breaks two fold. The companies, food retailers, manufactures, chemical, corporate farming, auto, big oil and a host of other companies standing in the bull's-eye for their part. You see, they supply the demand part so that the first part can have job security. Not a bad deal really. With a death every 13 seconds and a birth every 7 seconds in this country we have a new and better audience. The new audience can be trained from birth to insure the cycle isn't broken. That includes having the new ones controlled by games, TV and departments doing "research" to help assist them. Of course our government will come to our aide, just ask an Indian.      

Responsibility : Now we shift the responsibility to our forefathers, "it's in the genes". So we can't help it. I hope nobody is actually dumb enough for that remark to ever be taken seriously. Here is a little fact for you. 100 years ago it is documented that in training hospitals residents were told upon seeing a cancer case to look well at it for it is unusual and they may never see it again. In the 1930s, cancer chances were 1 in 3,000. Now they are 1 in 2. How can forefathers possibly be responsible? Ok, maybe they are in part, but no more than we are for listening to the government, medical world, FDA and corporations. Other than that, it's physically impossible. Have we forgotten that 1 in 3,000 just 76 years ago? 1 in 3,000, unless someone's secretly impregnating females with defective genes and DNA without us knowing, it's just not possible. Then again we'd have Father Day, not Father's Day. We were told, (when reports could be honest) that the minerals in our ground were at seriously low levels...in 1936. Still we did nothing, well that's not true, we did, we snacked and snacked until now we are obese adding even more problems, and still, we're not full of anything except disease.   

Stalling : If we all studied something as much as the "experts have", we'd be fired. If we miserably failed like our system has, we'd be fired. If we took the money, done deeds even remotely a fraction of what our medical and government system has, we'd be executed. It is pure murder. Hitler in all his doing wasn't even close to the body count as this system is. Research, research, research. Either there are a lot of ignorant, stupid people behind this alleged research or it's deliberate. You can't tell me that we can go to other planets, make a micro chip, have cars that talk to us but can't figure out, through a simple process called facts how to stop this genocide. That's what I see it as. I asked a doctor why he was able to keep me healthy when I was a kid and doctors can't seem to help these days. His response was "I doctored the person, not the symptom". A friend of mine who is a doctor called me with a warning "Stay Away From Doctors, They Will Kill You". He holds high position over a pretty prestigious hospital. For their sake, I will not say who. Since I've been learning, I have learned to disseminate good from bad. Personally I think it's been long enough, no more stalling.        

Lies :  Out and out lies. It's not just the medical, government and corporations that do it. We all have learned the words "misspoke myself",  "disinformation", " Stretching The Truth", fancy words for lies. I see it a lot with "Miracle Cures" from natural and herbal sites as well. High prices, whew. These people are no better than the ones that corrupted everything from the start. This may very well be their allies. Many good sites allow stupid stuff  to be advertised on their site and this gives the crooked powers more leverage. Now they can accuse the sites of being "quacks" or "nuts". It's no different than the drug corporations selling you the ideal that their are working for you, except it will probably do less damage and there is a little hidden truth on the sites. Even good sites will allow this crap which demeanors the actually good content and relevancy. Take this and be healed or we're higher but better. They are no better than the ones at the drug cartel. The drugs will kill you while the dishonest miracle cure will watch you die, either way, same thing. The truth is you didn't get where you are overnight and it will take work on your part to fix it, and I do believe in most cases it can be fixed, but it will probably not come from traditional drugs or a single treatment.. As for the FDA wanting to make sure you don't succumb to financial harm buying useless stuff, they are there to protect you, right. If that were the case, why are many, many people going broke, still sick, still dying from "conventional treatments".  Another place they have failed.        

In Closing : The statement "we can produce enough to feed the world" could just possibly hold true. The thing we forget to ask was exactly how many are we referring to? In truth, most of our food products have been banned in many countries. I'm not exactly sure if other countries are that concerned for their citizens but one thing is for sure. They are more concerned for them than our government is for us. We are producing poison. Even with producing this poison food and water, over 60% of America's children go to bed hungry each night. Women and children are the fastest growing homeless population in America today. Now if your reading this, with a full belly, warm and roof over your head you are fortunate. An old saying is "You make the bed, you sleep in it". Well these people didn't make their own bed, they sleep in it because all of us helped make it by turning our heads. If you think, "It won't happen to me"  think again, many have said the very same thing. Myself included.       

  I lived most of my life in a safe world, kinda like the Matrix. My head up my butt thinking the world was a rosy colored place. We here in America were superior, great, honest, true and most are but the few that are not and have come to power many generations ago and their legacy continues. Even what I once thought of as good people, I find out took bribes. "Everybody has their price"  is said with fluid continuity as if it's natural. There is no difference between the ones that do wrong and the ones that allow it, especially for money or advancements. Just because your paid to do it doesn't make it right or justify it, but don't take my word for it, wait and see. There is only 1 you and it accounts for everything you do, feel or say in the end. There is not an excuse " they that made me do it" or "it was done at work". 1 you, 1 accountability. 1 Forever. 1 Chance  I have placed on my board, and you are welcome to participate if you wish several places that are good. Also on the website there are some links to sites and email lists that I read. Too many to mention here but links are provided to the sites I trust and I'm sure I will find more in the future. I sell nothing, I charge nothing, I make nothing from this site. It's free as long as I can afford it. There are excellent sites that will teach you a lot listed inside the message board like www.NewTarget.com by Mike Adams, and Dr. Mercola's site  and www.newswithview.com just to name a few. These I believe can get your through by teaching you what's wrong and what's right. Sites like these and there are more are very honest, quality, fact based sites. They are wrote where you and I can understand. No, these didn't open my eyes suddenly, chemo did. Enough so that I thought there must be something, somewhere that would help instead of killing me. As I've said before, I am not smart but I'm smarter than to do that again. I have enough sense to know when I'm getting worse.   

 At 44, I began to see things for what they were, but still tuned it out. By 45, it was loud and clear. If I am bitter, it is at myself. I've seen loved ones come and go without a question, blind faith. Horribly. It wasn't until it was me that I awoke. I was selfish. To think you have to accept your fate or depend upon another to cure you is foolish, other than learning from others. Yes, I believe prayers help but if you were switched in place, would you help you? Watching the disaster unfold, all hints untaken, all chances avoided and wallowing in self pity, giving up? No. Would you, if you seen the person trying to help themselves, probably. The saddest thing is when someone thinks they can't do anything about it, gives up and gives in  Maybe we don't know where to start, there is so very much wrong. I assure you that doing nothing will achieve exactly that, nothing. So if you care about anybody (self included)  learn, act, do, today. 

PS Something New:

  Depth.  This goes way, way past what I initially thought and deeper than I ever considered. I began thinking that I was crazy, they were crazy, maybe we all are crazy. Democrat, Republican or Independent, wake up. There is a conspiracy that goes deep into our history and it's becoming fulfilled even as we speak. There are 3 kinds of people, Those that Make Things Happen, Those that Watch Things Happen and those that Wondered What Happened. You will fit into one of the 3, it's your choice. I'm not so sure that a short life isn't a blessing.  

 Anthony Kimbrough   

Chemtrail picture from my backyard.