This is a link to a website that has countless videos including the most watched video on the Internet ...  Loose Change 2 (probably the reason AT&T and others are trying to gain control of the web). I have not personally viewed all but many I have.
  You might ask what does this have to do with health and that is a reasonable question.  
Your health is directly and purposely affected for control, I believe that. While I do not agree with some things I have posted I do believe that. Take away a person's health and you have control over their peace of mind, their physical presence, their independence and eventually their soul. They do not mean you to be well, your meant to be controlled. If you are too sick, too scared, too evolved in trying to stay alive or feel good you will do as your told, especially if they have the magic pill, the cure almost found, the fear of death with these.  
   For how many years has there been a cure, round the corner for cancer, diabetes, heart disease yet it just never quite makes it here. Sadly enough there have been cures found and cures hidden. There are those of us that would like to educate you on how we live and I do mean live with diseases like cancer everyday and you can to. There is only one catch, it's free in dollars yet costly in work from you. It takes effort and success will not happen overnight. We fight the system everyday for ourselves and you. Most of us have to do it hiding but a few risk coming forward, and the stakes are high.

  These stakes range from the least worse which is ridicule to legal action. Stop if you will and think for one moment when other than the Internet have you read the words Cancer Cure or Cure Cancer, you haven't. It isn't legal to publish. It is the ones in power's Golden Egg. The word Cancer is feared. I was asked today if I was dieing of cancer and my response was no I'm living with it. I reversed mine and it's rare that this type does reverse. I could cure it if I done what I know to be right, I'm sure of that now. I went from quarterly visits to Vanderbilt to semi yearly and I done this with no medication. The facts are real, the game is real and the stakes are real. When I first started my quest I'm sure many thought I was being desperate, crazy and some still do I'm sure but 2 years later I'm slowly reversing and holding it back. Don't get me wrong my good days are sometimes what some might call their bad days but it's what you get use to and that my friends is exactly what they are banking on ... what you get use to.

  So that people don't catch one they diversify, we've all heard that word yet we never ask how do they diversify. Companies are opened that seem public related or anti- corporation or pro- people like companies or magazines that rate products or companies are owned by these companies or paid by these companies. The FDA, ACS and more are nothing more than guard dogs meant to keep you entertained so that you can't see the thieves stealing your health one day at a time. I like the run for breast cancer but why. It's kind of like unions, they were good when they started now, they just want the dues, money is money.