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"Those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

  The term Sheeple is used as a term to describe people who are easily led and another term is used here, asleep. That is to say, ignorant of the current happenings that will and do effect them in the past, present, and future. Why Sheep? A Sheep is a flocking animal, so are many such as birds or cattle are herding animals or fish are schooling animals. We tend to associate them with easily caught and easily led and to an extent they are yet no different that cattle.

   With Sheep, we all picture the fluffy white billowy puff balls that have a Sheppard and usually a dog and controlled easily. In part this is truth yet in part it is not. The fact is that older sheep will usually heed the Sheppard and if not, they will heed the dog in most occasions. These are easily controlled but then again so are cattle, schools of fish, and many other grouping animals. The Sheep will often have a leader they will follow more faithfully than the Sheppard or the dog. Sheep are usually dependant upon the leader but again so are many animals that group together. Pigs are a fine example of that. If you scare just one pig enough that it runs and squeals they rest will follow not even looking back at what is going on or thinking for themselves. They will scatter in all directions. Sheep on the other hand will run without looking as well but they blindly follow the leader sheep so if you scare them and get the leader sheep trapped you can trap most at one time.

  So Sheep we know herd by appointing a lead sheep but the leader can change if enough see the others running into a trap and a new leader is appointed, sometimes several leaders after the main leader and the ones traveling closest get caught. When this happens the Sheppard and the dog lose control and they will run themselves to the death before being caught. They will even do themselves bodily harm or suicide crashing and running about in total fright not looking at anything other than their aggressors. They run over each other, crash into fences, jump off cliffs, and just about anything else you can imagine. A Sheppard could get injured but usually does not as the flight in their brain is stronger than the fight. Now this sounds stupid but before we judge them watch a riot with people.

  There is an alternative to this chase scene. You can lullaby them into a calm state before entering into the first mentioned. Singing a soft song or repeating a poem or just calmly chanting or repeating the same words they will remain calm almost all times. You can walk them slowly into a trap provided the trap is large enough and you move them slow enough. I watched a lady a while back catch my whole flock using this method. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Using the herding method I was never able to catch them all and if not careful some were always injured and in one case one crashed into the fence and broke it's neck. This lady caught them all. Sheep can become entranced very easy, distractions are so easy it becomes funny to watch. They can be managed by becomeimg distracted or almost hypnotized either auditable or visual. Sheep probably think of themselves as studiers and debaters. This I think is very well executed on people as well. Then there is yet another similarity between human and sheep to be seen here. We become distracted easily by TV, Radio, and a host of other means by which we are completely occupied. 

  Sheep, especially the rams, will fight aggressively towards any aggressor that is considered a threat. They will fight right up until they are caught then they half heartedly will kick a bit but that's about it, they just give up after a few attempts to free themselves. Sheep fight until they consider they are caught, then with a few slight attempt lay there and await whatever is coming. They will bah to the others or anyone within ear shot but to no avail, no other sheep will dare endanger themselves for another flock member, even their own lamb. Now before we think how ignorant and dumb these creatures are look at the forced vaccination of our own children or people getting beaten by the forces presiding over rallies or at our older people that chose between food and medicine, the homeless person who through no fault of their own has been evicted and lost all from the greed of bankers.

   Lack of rationalizing is another trait we share. The sheep will see the Sheppard and is already intimidated but when the Sheppard's Crook is outstretched the sheep in their lack of rationalization assume that the Crook will keep them from passing in an open field, so they turn. They, like us, are so caught up in the moment that all senses of reason goes right out the door. This along with the fact that multiple butts or kicks to the lone Sheppard would neutralize the threat. Not willing to be the one that gets hurt or different, each will run away and usually following the leader which may change when the leader and first few are caught. If hurried, several other leaders, depending upon flock size will emerge each taking followers with them. Now at this time the dog involved as a guardian now becomes the enforcer of the Sheppard's will. One sheep would surly not stand a chance against this animal yet a whole flock could hurt, if not kill him. We see this in people as well. 

  The best known way to safely control the flock is by making friends with the leader, gaining his or her trust, rewarding him or her. The flock will always stay back at a distance, weary, questioning all but the leader. There is a trait called the pecking order, usually associated with chickens yet it does apply to all social animals. There is always a leader, either officially appointed, elected or unofficially appointed by all in there social network. Within this order there exists lower rankings for the first few levels. These are usually known while making friends with the leader as they will approach and stand just a little farther back than the leader, some may eventually come beside the leader. Through the controlled leader the whole social network is controlled and access to the lesser ranking order one can make friends as well with them. This way, should the leader ever die or become uncooperative to the point of doing away with him/her, the next in line is already set in place with the Sheppard. If the flock gets too large it may contain more than one leader so more than one must be befriended for total control. All the Sheppard has to do is get the leader to do as told and the rest will follow. Have the dog running to the side to make sure all trust is placed in the leader and pose as a protector and enforcer. I have and still use this method to move the sheep from field to field with no exertion and little effort. Again we see the same in people. The Powers That Be are the Sheppard. The governments are the dog. And the leader sheep is (without mentioning names) some of the "conspiracy theorists" leaders. The sheep is us.

   Looking at the similarities between Sheep and People, yes, there are many and perhaps The Powers That Be have well chosen the correct animals. We are as the afore mentioned and the biggest problem is not only are we what is mentioned, it is that most people will not believe it or not see themselves in this. Perhaps we have listened too long to the sweet lullabies being chanted or watching the pretty metal object while the fields are changed. People often ask why I do not put my whole faith in the words of just a few spokespeople that bring in information and seemly try to bring out and fight the people of this New World Order which is almost here. Now you know the reason. Having Sheep for many years, along with other animals, I know how the system works and use it on my own animals. Occasionally I thin the flock due to resources, occasionally due to less is easier to control, and occasionally due to less leaders to bribe.    


don't be a SHEEP don't be a liberal

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.
Thomas Jefferson