World of Debt

  There has been a very disturbing scenario taking place in the USA and probably the world within the last 50 years and it has become a growing epidemic... Debt. We freak out when we see the deficit yet take calm our own, yes me included for many years. The world of debt works pretty well for the 1% of the world's actual wealthy population and it may even be smaller than that now. You read this and if you don't see yourself then 1 of 3 things is going on. 1 Your in that top percentile. 2 - You see yourself. 3 - Your stupid or smart. The top percentile are pretty smart and make a great team and you and I are the puppets. 

  Your job. No matter if your hourly or salary, management or worker more and more are expected of you, especially true in a large business, the larger the worse. Now they need dedicated workers you know, the 100% or better of people not your 100% BUT THEIR VERSION OF 100%, THEN COMES THAT EXTRA EFFORT NEEDED. They need you to need them so when told or some ask first you will oblige their request. Some like UPS even state that "we are a family" and pretty much that is what they meant, they are your family and your family at home is second, they are first. They come before God, Country and Family and want to be all three. But how is that accomplished? Indebtedness. As people we need things yet our wants are much larger and sometimes we get confused a to what is what and that is a good thing for business, especially larger ones. They need to know that you will give all and then some but in order to gain the upper hand and make you obedient and loyal to them and need them and for that you need to have a need, a strong need and debt can do that. There are only 3 reasons that someone is hired to do a job. 1 - They can't do it themselves. 2 - They don't have time to do it themselves. 3 - They don't want to do it themselves. Unlike your blood family who needs you until the last day you breathe and still wants and needs you afterwards, they only need you as long as you are able and or willing to function at a great pace but like everything else you wear down, wear out or become injured then you naturally get slower, kinda like a car. During this time however you are needed to be obedient, loyal and without question and this requires a debt load.      

  1.   Now everyone of us likes the finer things of life and the finer the things the more they cost and God only knows how we survived before we had it but after we have it it gets improved, replaced or modified and we're back to square one again. The new house has a different look and more bathrooms and bedrooms and a better view even if your not going to be home enough to enjoy it and you actually don't need that much space. Lets face it, how many bedrooms can you sleep in or toilets do you actually need? Still that's a guarantee that you need the job bad enough to do whatever your told. Now if your 25 years old with a 30 year mortgage that along with other debts insures them that your pretty much owned for 30 years but don't worry, they won't need you that long because newer models come out ever year. Maybe you'll need a different house ever so often, God forbid you build equity in  the one you have. That's where Realtors make money, I know, I am one. Now they need to make sure we are still owned, just in case we stayed within our means on price and never got sick or hurt. Enter phase two.
  2.  The new car is bigger has more features and is shinier and it's made a bit different. we now need a new car, two if there are two and they are a necessity if your in a rural area like we are. Personally I have a few more than that but we only have 3 everyday ones the rest are antiques and hotrods. I generally keep everyday drivers for about 10 years minimum. But when younger I thought about 4 years was a long time. Even at that cars just simply don't last all that long these days and there's a reason, you need to stay in debt. American made cars especially suck at gas mileage yet all we own are American made but even still, most like really gas drinkers, it's kinda a fad, a statement.
  3. Credit Cards are really good to have, you know, just in case you run across that stuff you can't imagine how you've lived without for so long and need it yesterday but just didn't realize it until you saw it on TV. Better have a couple of extra ones in case there's more than your limit on the one card.
  4. Bank and Lending notes that if unsecured are also high interest but we can now, especially if there's no equity in our house, consolidate our cards so we can do it all again. 
  5. Zero Money Down for that furniture we need because we are tired of what we have or our TV just doesn't fit the bill anymore or we need a new CD, Aquarium or whatever. 
  6. Gotta have a cell phone and Heaven help us that we have to drive without talking to the family since we don't get to see them because we need to do that extra percent at work for extra money or just to keep our job so we can distribute it out to those kind enough to see we stay in debt.
  7. We gotta have time to sleep and so we get take out food or restaurant food and precooked microwave able food or heat and eat. While we're under stress from a job we have to have we might as well add msg, fat and other junk to our tired, stressed bodies.
  8. We need some form on entertainment between those vacations that require financial aide we take. 
  9. Utilities which are very nice.
  10. Taxes because we can't actually own the land or our paychecks.
  11. Save for retirement by buying into a 401K. Now your hooked, does anybody not remember studying Black Friday? Now you are 100% dependant upon the company to be honest, to be smart in business. 1 word..... Enron.

Now I'm guilty of a few of these but at one point I was guilty of almost all. The TV stations don't care that at some point the bow will break for the larger majority, the manufacturer, the store, the salesman, the lender don't care, chances are they are doing the same thing. We are bombarded by messages from movies, tv shows, radio and government that we must not be normal if we don't do most of these things and we are a disgrace to the very way of life and we are, their way, the way of the top 1% which needs you be be in debt to them for your debts and depend upon them. At what point did the American Dream become so distorted? Basically while you alienate yourself from your family, God and your own health you slowly get replaced either due to disease or a natural process called getting older. All those atta boys will be gone as you have served your purpose to them. Parties they have can range from 5k to 50k per person, and you thought Outback was high. The American Dream should be Independence, not Indebtedness, Fear, Stress and Sickness.

  Why would we if we are smart buy stock in a company, especially one that moves jobs overseas? What happens when that company collapses, and it is coming soon as more people have to take less paying jobs because their job is transferred to another country or their health has failed and they can no longer buy the product because of medical bills or they are gotten rid of. While production costs go down shipping costs go up and profit stays with the wealthy, not placed back into our economy  because workers are overseas. As sales plummet so does the company but it you have stock so does your money. Your future is now theirs.